BittBoy is a better version of the original Game Boy

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NEWS – This little handheld game device sure brings back a lot of fond memories of playing Castlevania and Prince of Persia. I still have my original Game Boy, but the BittBoy looks like a lot more fun than that old game player due to the color display and ability to hold lots of games on a single flash memory card. The BittBoy is smaller than Nintendo’s Game Boy, features a 2.4 inch IPS display, a micro SD card slot and it can play 99% of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and NES games (.gbc, .gb, and .nes rom files) that you can find with some creative Googling. They are sending me one to review soon (Yay!), but you can pre-order a BittBoy for $39.99 until 12/20/18 on After that date, the price goes up to $59.99.

12 thoughts on “BittBoy is a better version of the original Game Boy”

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  2. Have you received this products in hand to review? If not, you may have inadvertently been used to scam your users.

    It appears that there is an excellent chance that this BittBoy site may not be legitimate or has been compromised as the credit card I used to order one of these devices has been compromised. I still see no legitimate charge for the product, but Chinese sites have begun to attempt to use my card for unauthorized purchases.

    If I were one of your readers, until actual product working as advertised ships, I would be wary of this product.

    1. Hi Russell, I have not received the sample yet but it’s supposed to be on the way. I’ve worked with this company before with another brand, so I do not think this is a scam. I’ll be sure and report back when I do receive the sample.

      1. Mine arrived this morning – I think I ordered it on December 22, so that’s roughly how long it’s taken. First impressions – very nice, but only the NES games look right on this screen. The GB/GBC ones have something wrong with the vertical scaling. I’m not sure what the vertical height of the LCD is, but to me it looks like they’ve probably scaled the 144 pixels of the GB up to 240 pixels simply by doubling up some lines and not doubling others. This is a real tragedy and once you’ve seen it, you can’t un-see it. I probably won’t be keeping mine unfortunately.

      2. Just an update… I ordered on December 19th, 2018 and still have not received mine as you have not received yours. I have a “tracking” number from December 24th but no reference as to the actual carrier and universal tracking sites report that it is being prepared for shipment over and over again. I’ll update more as I hear more or take action on the order.

        Please continue to keep us informed about these potentially awesome devices. Thanks.

  3. Update 2019-01-16: Mine arrived today after being ordered on December 19th. Appears to work, I just don’t have any of my games installed on the MicroSD card yet. Still not sure why my credit card was tagged, but I did receive what I ordered. Look forward to the walk down nostalgia lane.

    Thanks for the heads up on this device, Julie. Hope you get yours soon.

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