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Pitbull Gold Shaver 1
REVIEW – Many years ago, I experienced frequent issues with my scalp that were caused by the stiff texture of my hair and the direction of growth, which resulted in severe in-grown hairs. After many attempts to resolve the issue, including via professional medical personnel, it was obvious that the only trouble-free solution was to “rock” a bald head. Over the years, I have tried several electronic multi-blade shavers but have always returned to my trusty Gillette Fusion battery-powered razor, including the previous iterations of the current model, to obtain the smoothest shave. The Pitbull Gold shaver seeks to change my opinion about electronic multi-blade shavers. Let’s see!!

What is it?

The Pitbull Gold Shaver is a powered wet/dry skull shaver, that utilizes 5 articulating rotary blades that allow for an effective contouring of your scalp to produce the best possible shaving experience. The body of the shaver is designed to fit easily in your hand and to allow you the option of multiple ways to hold it for the best comfort.

What’s in the box

Pitbull Gold Shaver 3
It is important to note that Pitbull included the accessories that made this the Pitbull Platinum package.
1 x Pitbull Gold Shaver (Platinum Package)
1 x Blade Cover
1 x Blade Brush
1 x Rinse Stand
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Power Cable and Adapter
1 x Felt Accessory Pouch
1 x Carrying/Storage Case

Design and features

Pitbull has 3 shaver packages of this type of Skull Shaver. They are the Silver, the Gold, and the Platinum packages. The following is the comparison chart:
The shaver has a nice weight and feel to it, and does not feel fragile or cheaply built. It also feels like the right size that allows you to balance it well when using. The top handle is designed to fit the contour of your fingers should you choose to hold it in that position (See pictures later in the review). On the front short side of the shaver, there is the Pitbull logo.

Pitbull Gold Shaver 8
On the opposite short side of the shaver, there is the power jack.

Pitbull Gold Shaver 5
On the top of the shaver, there is the power button and the battery charge LED indicator.

Pitbull Gold Shaver 7
There are 5 rotary blades on the bottom of the shaver that is on a contoured base and with the built-in flexibility it helps to match the shape of your scalp.

Pitbull Gold Shaver 6
Also included with the shaver is a rinse cup that you fill with water and place the shaver in periodically to rinse the blades during the shaving session.

Pitbull Gold Shaver 4
Pitbull Gold Shaver 10


Once fully charged, the Pitbull shaver is primed and ready to go. A simple press of the power button turns it on, and the blue LED battery charge indicator shines brightly and displays the remaining battery capacity. The battery charge is quite long-standing and from my experience, I should be able to complete at least 6 complete shaving sessions without needing to recharge. Keep in mind that from my experience, I consider a session to be at least 15 minutes. I followed the instruction and on the first try, I chose to dry shave. In small circular movements, I began to shave and I continuously checked the progress of the shaving. It is important to note that I shave my head every day, especially because my hair grows back overnight. In the end, I managed to get a reasonably close shave albeit not silky smooth, and it took me about 15 minutes to get to that point. I still had to use the razor to properly shave the areas behind my ears and some other parts of my head. The picture below shows the end result of the Pitbull Shaver test. My complexion makes it difficult to see, but there was still stubble on my head that needed to be removed with my Gillette.

Pitbull Gold Shaver 9
On my next attempt with the Pitbull Shaver, I used shaving foam, and while I found the experience quite pleasing in terms of the scalp massage that it provided, the shaving result was the same, with the need for me to go over my head with a razor to take the experience from a close shave to a silky smooth shave. With both tests, I had to press the shaver quite hard against my skull, but remarkably, this action contributed to the really nice massage benefit as opposed to causing any abrasions or irritation. I did try two gripping methods, but the one shown in the second picture below proved to be most comfortable and effective for me.

Pitbull Gold Shaver 13
Pitbull Gold Shaver 12
The rinse stand worked well to rinse the blades during shaving and as a stand.

What I like

  • The build quality
  • The great scalp massage it provides while shaving
  • The longevity of the battery

What can be improved

  • There is still room to improve to provide as close a shave as a razor.

Final thoughts

In my opinion, the Pitbull Gold Shaver is possibly the best attempt at a Skull Shaver that I have ever tested. While I have to honestly say that the Gillette Fusion Power razor is still the King and on the throne, the Pitbull does provide for a nice shaving experience with the benefit of an enjoyable scalp massage, and with patience and effort it is capable of a relatively close shave. While not as close as the Gillette, the benefit of having a less abrasive shaving experience is subject to individual preference and tolerance. The Pitbull Gold Shaver gets an “A” for effort, but will not overthrow my Gillette Fusion Proglide that still provides the smoothest shave.

Price: $99.99
Where to buy: Skull Shaver Website and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Pitbull.

8 thoughts on “Pitbull Gold Shaver review”

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  2. Blind Monroe Mike

    Now that you have opened the door to testing electric scalp shavers, please continue to review other shavers in comparison to the Skull Shaver. Thanks.

  3. Hello gadgeteer,
    First off thank you for your many reviews, the info has been very helpful.
    I have been shaving my head for many years now, and like you the Gillette fusion power razor was my go to blade as well, but since then I have found a new razor and shave cream combo that has been my new go to for over a year now. I’m not sure if you’ve tried it since I haven’t seen any reviews on it. The shaving system is called headblade, ant here is there website, since this product is not found in stores. http://www.headblade.com
    I’d like to point out that I am not affiliated or being compensated in any way by this company, just wanted to share a good product in my opinion with a fellow head shaver.

  4. I’ve got to add my 2 cents here so that others don’t make the same mistake I did in buying a Skull Shaver product.
    I bought my first Pitbull Gold Shaver in February of 2018 after seeing it reviewed positively on numerous websites. It worked just fine for my head shaving needs… for just over a year. Then it simply wouldn’t charge (no, it wasn’t a cord issue). Just sat there like an expensive piece of plastic. So, I bought another thinking, “Okay, that was just a fluke.”
    Not a fluke.
    The second one lasted less than a MONTH. Shaver #2 now registers on its display that it’s charging… but the damn thing doesn’t actually, y’know, turn on or work. Two faulty products is not a coincidence, it’s garbage. At this rate, a third shaver would probably end up lasting all of 2 days before sputtering, wheezing, and subsequently exploding in a ball of fire and cheap electronic parts. Hell, a fourth shaver would probably commit suicide in transit before ever arriving.
    Trying to rectify this through Amazon customer service was a no-go, as they referred me to the Skull Shaver company directly. I’ve sent them an e-mail, but I’m not optimistic, given the experiences others evidently have had in going that route.
    Don’t buy it unless you like kissing your cash goodbye.

  5. Fredrick C Megill

    Purchased less than a year ago, shaver wont hold a charge and is now inoperable. Thought I bought a quality shaver… Wrong!!

  6. They promise on their web site free 2 day shipping. However, that is a lie. You are not given the shipper’s name ( UPS,Fed Ex etc..) and not given a tracking number so you may follow it. I placed my order 6 days ago and as today is a Saturday it will be over a week if it does in fact arrive. After emailing customer service, I was provided a screen shot of a “tracking” from some unknown generic shipper. After some internet searching I did find out that the incompetent shipper they use transported the item past my home from Illinois to New York instead of delivering it to me in Ohio. 100% poor customer service and delivery failure. I have requested a full refund and cancellation of my order but have not heard back from their “Customer Service” which obviously is not customer orientated. Buyer Beware.

  7. Cordell Leo Couillard

    my Pitbull PRO is less than 8 months old. While the battery charges properly, all four head DO NOT turn, only one or two. I have kept this clean all this time and have no idea what is wrong, unless this item is really a piece of crap

  8. Bought a Pitbull Skull Shaver believing it was the best buy for shaving my head. It worked ok for just over 2 years and one day I put it on charge and then tried to use it. To my surprise it would not fire up at all. I had to find proof of my purchase on my credit card statement and discovered that it was just out of warranty by a couple of months. Took it to the Shavershop who had a look at it and said “bad luck”, that’s the luck of the draw. I would be very reluctant to buy another. As a comparison, I have a Phillips shaver and have not had an issue with it for the 10+ years I have owned it and used it every day. Perhaps Pitbull should aspire to the same high standards as Phillips. A somewhat unhappy customer!!!

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