The CRE8 Sounds Earbuds may offer the best sound for every occasion

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CR8 1and 2 Sport Wireless Earbuds

NEWS – Lately, my gadget world has been focused on several different devices including earbuds. I may just be a bit obsessed with finding the perfect earbuds for me. Every week from Monday to Friday, I take the railroad for about an hour each way back and forth between home and work. Most days, this journey is when I get my quiet time, and when I relax on the way to work and prepare my mind and mood for the day ahead and unwind on the way home. Music is my tool, and as an audiophile, the perfect sounding noise-canceling earbuds are my ultimate goal.

Each time I get to audition new earbuds that prove to be better than the previous ones, I become less compromising and want more. Cre8 Sounds offers two models of earbuds, the CR8-1, and the CR8-2 Sport Wireless Earbuds. The manufacturer claims that both models have been designed to deliver superior sound, with clear audio and deep bass. The design includes a built-in ear hook, and they are small and light to provide comfort and an extra secure fit even when performing the most rigorous of tasks and body movements. The CR8-1 model is offered in multiple colors to match your personal choice. The CR8-2 is a limited edition model and only offered in white.

If you are interested in learning more about the CR8 Sport Wireless Earbuds or if you would like to purchase them, you can head over to the Cre8 Sounds website. The CR8-1 model sells for $65 and the CR8-2 for $75.

22 thoughts on “The CRE8 Sounds Earbuds may offer the best sound for every occasion”

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  2. Like you, Julian, I’m a bit obsessed with finding the perfect earbuds. Close to perfect for me are the Apple Air Pods. When they’re just right in my ears, they sound clear, pleasant and accurate. There’s a lot to like with them, but the trouble is the left one falls out. I’ve tried just about every third party cover, hook, etc. Some work fairly well. The best from an improved sound quality and comfortability/say-in-the-ear standpoint are the EarSkinz. But like all covers and hooks they must be removed before the Pods can be placed in their charger. It takes quite a bit of effort to get the EarSkinz back on the Air Pods and properly aligned.

    Will be looking for more reviews from you in your quest for the perfect earbuds.


    1. I got mine a few months ago and pretty soon after the volume of the left went down, was nog in sync with the right one. I reached out to the customer service and they suggested that I took off the protective little piece of plastic that is on the out output. This solved it. Later on I experienced connection issues, volume issues and I never got the bass I wanted regardless of the size of the earpieces. Not worth your money.

  3. I can not agree that these earbuds are great. The earbuds I got sounded really good, but the connection to my iPhone kept dropping. It advertised a 10 meter range, but would lose connection even when the phone was within 3 feet. Cre8 also says the earbuds would last for several hours, but the set I got lasted for less than an hour and half before needing to be charged. Contacting the Customer Service department was worse than trying to herd a room of sugar-high 2 year olds. And to get a refund, they will charge a 20% ‘restocking’ fee for sending back their bad product.
    I would advise those looking for new bluetooth earbuds to pass on Cre8, and find a more established brand. Skipping the headache is worth the extra you might pay.

    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully, I will get the chance to test and review them, and I will let you know if my experience is the same as yours.

  4. These earbuds are amazing! Been using mine for like 9 months now. I recently got the new earbuds that they came out with its like the old one but premium edition. CR8P1 these are THE best! Im happy because it can also charge your phone on the go not only the earbuds. I wanna buy their new wireless speaker too Ill get back here once i tested them.

  5. Thank Julian! I bought the new CR8-P1 from them ( and they are amazing! I bought it because of your blog! LOL you should get paid from them. haha

    1. Hi John,
      I am so happy that you are happy, and that my blog influenced your successful purchase. You made my day:-)
      I really want to test them, and I was expecting to receive them for review. Maybe that will still happen.
      Thanks again for your comments.

  6. I can’t agree with you because I ordered mine like a month and a half ago and they haven’t got here, I don’t know if they stole my money or if they are coming a littel bit late. How many time did yours take to arrive?

  7. I just received the cr8-p1 and I can only hear from one earbud at a time. I have a Google Pixel phone so I’m not sure if the phone has anything to do with it. Tried to email CR8sounds for a refund and they never replied.

  8. I’ve had the cr8-2 sport earbuds for about 8 days now, and on the surface they were great. Diving a little deeper than my first impression though, those expectations quickly sank. The sound is good. That much I can’t argue and I like how they fit in my ear as well. The issue, however, is the earbuds will intermittently drop their connection and then reconnect. over. and over. and over again and on multiple devices. i’ve tried troubleshooting to a pretty in depth degree and there’s no way around the fact of it being manufacturer related. Unfortunately, being as all earbuds are permanently on their “Biggest Sale EVER,” it means earbuds are not “regular” priced. Therefor not entitled to an exchange or refund of any sort.
    In short, it seemed like there was a lot of potential and some success, but I’m just disappointed with the product and incredibly underhanded business practices. I do not recommend this product.

  9. Get the CR8-P1 theyre the best! I had mine since they first came out. still working great! great connectivity and waterproof!😱

  10. I’ve had these earphones for less than a week.

    I like the size and the sound quality. However, I had the case and ear buds fully charged and the earbuds and used them for a duration of 2 hrs and was receiving low battery warning indications. I expected longer usage from a full charge.

    Is a 2 hour usage the norm?? I’m hoping not.

  11. Sorry to say.. the sound is great however they sound like a broken record when I put the phone in any of my pockets…

    2 star at best 🌟 🌟

  12. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
    The sound is really bad, worst quality I have ever experienced. Whenever I adjust the volume the right ear bud stops playing for a few seconds, sometimes „only“ stagnates – no smooth transition.

    Now the right ear bud does not work anymore. I have not dropped or wetted it. I would not recommend this product.

    Looking for other wireless ear buds: Even the AirPods from Apple have a much better sound quality even though the brand is not „specialized in headphones & sound“. Btw: Battery capacity, distance, comfort and indemnity conditions are much better. I think it is better to invest a little more for AirPods instead of buying clump.

  13. Ordered the W1 sport earbuds, they sent a colour I didn’t request, when asked said it was too late to stop shipment… Then when they arrived the bass was horrible. All I could get is tinny sounding music. When asked about refund because they were not as described they said sorry and sent a bogus refund policy link…. Bad business!!! Do not buy from them, they don’t care about customer satisfaction, just getting your money and screwing you over

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