The Paw Plunger makes it easy to keep your best friends paws clean

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NEWS – If you’re a dog owner like me, then you’ve probably come across this problem. How do I clean my dog’s paws? Things like mud, road salt, and lawn chemicals can be hard to clean off your dog’s tender paws. Even harder to do if your dog fusses (like mine) while you’re trying to clean them. Paw Plunger to the rescue.

The Paw Plunger quickly and easily cleans your dog’s paws. The large plastic bucket looks like an oversized coffee mug. Inside the Paw Plunger, there are paw-friendly bristles that brush your dog’s paws and nails clean.

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And it’s easy to use. Just fill it with warm water, place a paw inside, then plunge gently. Afterward, wipe fido’s paws dry with a towel.

After use, dispose of dirty water. Rinse with warm water and air dry.

And the spill-proof lid means you can bring it along with you in the car on your next trip to the park.

The Paw Plunger comes in three sizes, petite for dogs up to 15lbs ($14.99), medium for dogs up to 75lbs ($19.99) and large for dogs over 75lbs ($24.99).

The Paw Plunger is available on Amazon.

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  2. That is totally cool. I am sure it would depend on the dog’s temperament as to if it would allow you to dunk its paw like that. I know the shelties I have owned would have no issues with this. Right now they stand quietly on the towel and wait for me to wipe their feet. Having water to dunk their paws in would be awesome.

  3. Normally i don’t really find articles like this helpful but ive been really frustrated at my puppy who lives to play in the pool and then run in the dirt she’s created in my yard X_x

    Thank you for this share!

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