Adaptalux shines the light at the end of the tunnel

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Those of you that have been following my News Stories for a while should now be well aware of my love for Macro Photography. Macro Photography allows me to be innovative and expressive with “obvious” objects that are readily identifiable, as well as objects that I can shoot from my own creative perspective. If photographed correctly, some objects leave the assumption of what they are to the imagination of the viewer.

One great tool for adding interest and creativity to macro photography is light. Playing around with lighting and having the flexibility to do so, can accomplish great results. However, one of the challenges is getting lighting options with enough effective versatility and portability, since macro photography can be shot anywhere and under some difficult logistical circumstances.

Enter Adaptalux!! Adaptalux is a macro photography and videography light and light studio that allows you to use flexible lights to create the lighting effect according to your imagination. The manufacturer refers to it as an “adaptable miniature lighting studio that allows for an infinite amount of lighting environments to be created, in an effortless and adaptable way all under one product”. “Adaptalux has been designed to make macro photography, macro videography and product photography lighting easy and accessible to photographers of all ability. The only limit is your imagination”.

The Adaptalux seems like an amazing product and I can’t wait to get my hands on one to review and to add to my macro photography kit.

If you would like to purchase the light studio, head over to the Adaptalux website and pick one up. There are several kits available, with the starter pack costing just $260.29.

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