The Oregon Trail Handheld Game brings you dysentery on-the-go

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The Oregon Trail handheld game

It’s an 80’s classroom nostalgia trip in a pocket-sized package! In this handheld version of the classic Oregon Trail, hunt for food, trade with settlers and ford dangerous rivers as you attempt the 19th-century trek from Missouri to Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley.

This game was a treat to play in elementary school, though I think the only thing I learned from it was that I was glad to be shooting at pixelated buffalo instead of contracting cholera in the back of a covered wagon. Playing Oregon Trail is literally all this thing can do, but it might be a fun gift to pick up for a fan of the original game or to inflict digital snakebites, broken limbs and diseases on a new generation.

The game features all the required buttons to make decisions and hunt for food, as well as authentic 80’s sound and graphics. The description on Target’s website lists the difficulty of this game as “easy,” but if memory serves me, I only remember actually finishing this game a handful of times, so your mileage may vary, literally.

You can pick up the Handheld Oregon Trail game exclusively at Target, in-store or online for $25.

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