The Claw: A teeny tiny tool for your EDC

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I love teeny tiny things so tiny EDC products like The Claw are just my thing. This tiny little tool by Malboro and Kane measures 0.7 inches long (18mm) and is made of stainless steel (comes in silver or gold colors) or titanium. It looks just like a small bottle opener and it functions as one too. But it also functions a flat head screwdriver, a flint striker, a battery removal tool, and a pry tool for things like key rings, staples, and paint cans. In addition, it can be used to open shipping boxes.

The Claw is a Kickstarter project which has already been funded before the fundraising deadline (March 8, 2018), but you can still get a stainless steel version for a pledge of $15 or the titanium version for a pledge of $20 via their Kickstarter campaign. And if you want more than one, there are pledges available for that as well. The Claw is estimated to ship in May 2018. Please visit their Kickstarter page for more info.

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4 thoughts on “The Claw: A teeny tiny tool for your EDC”

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  2. That’s really neat. I was wondering though how you ever get any leverage on it. When I looked at the website it comes with a split ring of about the same size which you seem to pull on in all their examples. I guess if that split ring replaces the one currently holding your keys then you are effectively not adding to the size. It would do a lot of the things I currently use a small pocket knife on my key ring to do. With the very important advantage of being airline security OK which the pocket knife definitely isn’t in Australia!

    1. Michael – Thank you for mentioning that the Claw comes with a split key ring (I forgot to mention that) which helps to give you the leverage needed to use it for some of its functions. I, too, can see using this for a lot of things and like you said, you don’t have to worry about airline safety regulations!

  3. I bought “the Claw” and it was useless. It’s weak and tiny and has a dull blade. I could not get leverage to open a bottle cap. I couldn’t turn a screw with it. I couldn’t even open packages. I felt like I was in a MacGyver episode trying to open a bottle with nothing but a matchstick and my fingernails. It was a complete fail.

    And it took a month to receive it after I ordered it from Malboro & Kane’s website. By the way, the company that owns “the Claw” and manufactures it is out of Shenzhen City China. That’s right, it’s not US-made and they are advertising on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter for your dollars to fund a Chinese-made gadget. And it is not even worth $1.

    When I complained to Malboro & Kane, they said I could package it up myself and pay over $14 US to return it to their plant in Shenzhen City, China. They recommended I pay extra for tracking as they could not guarantee that they would receive it.

    $14 to return a useless gadget I paid $19 for. No thanks.

    Next time I will wait for reviews of a gadget to come out before I purchase – and I will never purchase from a Chinese firm again. What a headache!

    1. Dawn – I’m so sorry! Your experience with the Claw sounds awful. You might try contacting your credit card company to see if they provide a return guarantee type of benefit to see if they’ll give you a refund for it.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Perhaps it will help others.

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