QICENT 10 Port USB Hub review

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The 10 port USB hub from QICENT is pretty self-explanatory.  After receiving this sample to review, the particular model that I received is no longer available for sale on Amazon or anywhere else that I could find for that matter.  Other offerings from QICENT are similar and can be found on Amazon but this particular model seems to have disappeared. 

Overall the device works as advertised.  It plugs into a single USB on your computer or docking station and also a wall power outlet and provides 10 USB ports and an additional 2 charging ports, which provide rapid charging but no data transfer.

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The model I received has a plastic body rather than the aluminum that is offered on other models.  The plastic body makes the port feel very cheap and not worth the $30 (this is an approximation since it is no longer available) it was being offered for on Amazon.  If you are looking for an expansion hub, I would highly recommend buying one with an aluminum body.  Overall this device does what it is designed for.  It will connect up to 10 USB devices like external hard drives, thumb drives, phones, etc. to your computer simultaneously while also charging two other devices.  It has an attractive look, the USB ports are spaced appropriately so you can actually fit plugs or thumb drives into neighboring ports and the cables provided are long enough to reach your power outlet and computer even if they are not right next to them.  There are also indicator lights that light up when a device is plugged in, telling you that the device recognizes your USB and data/power is being transferred.

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Overall I would not recommend this particular model, which doesn’t appear to matter since it seems to now be unavailable.  The cheap feeling of the body just makes it feel like it should be sold for <$10.  Because it does accomplish the single goal that justifies its existence, I would recommend checking out the aluminum body versions of their different hubs.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by QICENT.  USB hubs from QICENT similar to this can be found on Amazon.


Product Information

  • Clean aesthetics, plenty of ports for data transfer, 2 additional ports for rapid charging.
  • Overpriced for a cheap feeling plastic body.

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