Create your own personal cloud with the Apollo Cloud 2 Duo

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Having a good file backup process sounds is obviously something everyone should have. But more often than not, people only find out how important backups are at the very moment they lose everything. Don’t be one of those people. I’m actually looking at myself in the mirror when I’m saying that because I’ve gotten out of the habit of backing up my own files. That’s why I find the Apollo Cloud 2 Duo personal storage device from Promise Technology interesting.

The Apollo Cloud 2 Duo isn’t what you might guess. It’s not a device that copies your files to the cloud. It does use a cloud, but not one on the internet. It creates a local personal cloud on its 8TB drive that can be accessed from anywhere, all without monthly or yearly fees.

Some features of this device include:

  • Apollo Cloud Mirroring – Syncs all your data to another Apollo device in a different location anywhere in the world via the Internet. This allows you to keep multiple copies for maximum security.
  • Set up members who can save items on the cloud device, and share their files with others via time limited links.
  • Quick Camera Roll Backup – Instantly frees up space on your phone with the swipe of a finger and auto-sync your photos so you won’t run out of space on your phone.
  • Location Based & Facial Recognition Photo Albums – The Apollo Cloud app helps catalog your photos by geotagging them and saving them into albums by location. It is also able to identify people in the images and creates albums for each person.

Apollo Cloud 2 Duo is available now for $449 and is compatible with iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows. For more info visit

2 thoughts on “Create your own personal cloud with the Apollo Cloud 2 Duo”

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  2. You might want to edit the link url to the specific location of the product on the website:

    A bit of marketing snow – although the device has 2 4TB drives you have to decide how you want to configure them. RAID 0 Striping or RAID 1 Mirror. No one would configure a backup device using RAID 0 so you really are going to have 4 TB.

    Nicely however it can function as a Time Machine for macOS so it has a nice dual function.

    Unnicely however you have to create an account and register it with Promise so it can direct your device to the Apollo. This means that Promise knows where and what your device is doing. I didn’t see anything on the website about security or encryption.

    As for iOS it appears you have to do everything thought their iOS app so it’s really not integrated into your iOS device like using Apple’s iCloud services.

    And it only has 90 days of technical support which could leave you wanting for help – I’m guessing there’s lots of technical stuff you need to know to use it.

    Interesting device from a name that most techie folks know – Promise.

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