Julie’s gadget diary – Another successful gadget giveaway day has just ended

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Being the Gadgeteer certainly has its perks. I’m very lucky that I get a chance to play with and test the latest and greatest gadgets. But what do I do with all those great gadgets and gizmos once my reviews have been published? I continue to use some products, but the ones I don’t use end up cluttering the shelves of Gadgeteer Headquarters (otherwise known as the basement office of my house). When I can no longer see the floor in the office, it’s time for a gadget purge and another gadget giveaway day at Cummins Inc. (otherwise known as my day job).  

Once or twice a year I fill storage bins with forgotten and unused products sitting on my office shelves, in drawers, in baskets under the desks, and even sitting in the middle of the floor.

That’s what I did this past weekend and was able to fill three large storage tubs with goodies. Then yesterday, Jeanne and I brought the tubs into work so they would be ready for another gadget giveaway day. I always like to bring the items in on a Sunday and then have the giveaway bright and early Monday morning.

The image above shows the bins under my desk filled with gadgets that are ready for a new home.

Before the gadgets are set out. It’s still dark outside because I get to work at 6 AM each day 🙂

At 8 AM I get some helpers to help me move the bins and set out all the items. I then take a picture and give the thumbs up for everyone to grab what they want.

It’s a lot of fun to watch everyone’s excitement as they look through the items and ask me “what’s this?”, “how does this work?”.


My co-workers look forward to gadget giveaway days as much as I look forward to clearing the clutter out of my office!

After 30 minutes, the majority of items are gone and by tomorrow, almost everything will be gone. If anything is left after that, I usually take the leftover items and put them in the vending area with a FREE sign and within just a few minutes, they will be gone too.

It feels good to free up some shelf and floor space in my office, but I know that will be short lived.  The life of a Gadgeteer is tough, but someone has to do it! 😉

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7 thoughts on “Julie’s gadget diary – Another successful gadget giveaway day has just ended”

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  2. I bet you’re popular among your coworkers 🙂

    So what determines when you do a “coworker-giveway” or a Gadgeteer commenter giveaway?

    Happy Monday!

    1. The on-site giveaways are for brand new samples sent directly from PR agencies. That means I don’t have to box up or pay to ship prizes. It’s MUCH easier for me to fill up bins of products that I’ve used and bring them in here to give away, then for me to find boxes, package, print labels, and pay to ship to people.

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