Mychanic Pod Light Review

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mychanic pod light 01

“Oh cool” was my son’s reaction when he saw this… thing.  What is this thing?  It’s called the Pod Light from Mychanic, a unique take on the work light that goes almost anywhere.


mychanic pod light 02 e1498424842502

  • Sphere is 3.5” in diameter
  • Base is 2.25” in diameter
  • Sphere + Base is 4.5” tall
  • 250 lumens
  • Weight: .6 lbs
  • Includes 3 AA Duracell(R) batteries
  • Durable ABS housing
  • Patent pending

The first thing I noticed:  Batteries included!  It also meant it wasn’t USB rechargeable, something I’ve been looking for in lights recently.

mychanic pod light 04Let’s take a look at that base.  It’s magnetized on both the concave side (to hold the pod) and the flat side, for mounting on a metallic work surface.

mychanic pod light 03

Feeding time!  The Pod Light takes three AA batteries.

mychanic pod light 05

There’s a single diamond-shaped button on the top of the softball-sized light.  You get a low (6 surround LEDs) and a high (all LEDs) setting.  There’s no setting for just the central LED.

mychanic pod light 06 e1498425097158

Here’s the Pod Light, mounted on a metal part under my hood.

How long does the Pod Light stay lit? To try this, I installed a set of regular rechargeable Eneloop AA batteries and let it sit on the brightest setting.  After a few hours, the LED intensity dropped.  I’d say the listed 7 hours is pretty accurate.

By the next morning, it was more like a dim night light. The Pod Light kept putting out a faint glow of light (not very useful) for nearly 36 hours before going completely dark. I’m not sure how alkaline AA batteries would fare, but the discharge curve is probably a little different.

Mychanic states that “you won’t be able to put it down” and I think they’re right.  The sphere shape just feels fun, and I ended up going around the house to see where I could stick the magnetic base (appliances, shelves, car door).  I still wish the Pod Light was USB rechargeable, but at least they were good enough to include AA batteries.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Mychanic. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

  • 3 AA batteries (included)
  • Two brightness modes. Base sticks to any magnetic surface
  • USB rechargeable would have been nice.

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