Your dream of a mousepad with programmable lights has come true

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prism mousepad 2

The QcK Prism mousepad is no ordinary mouse pad. Made for gamers by SteelSeries, the QcK Prism features wrap around illumination with 12 programmable zones that light up in millions of color combinations. But light effects is not the only trick up this mousepad’s sleeve. Do mousepads even have sleeves? Don’t answer that.

The QcK Prism mousepad also offers two surfaces for your gaming pleasure. There’s a micro-textured cloth on one side of the mousepad that adds friction for more deliberate movements and when you flip the mousepad to the other side, there’s a hard polymer surface for a fast-paced glide.

prism mousepad 1

The QcK Prism is now available at for $59.99 and online retailers including Amazon. For more information about SteelSeries’ QcK Prism or SteelSeries complete selection of gaming accessories, visit

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