SitGo is the chair you need while waiting in line for an iPhone 7 tomorrow

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I wish I had a SitGo to test tomorrow when I’ll be going to my local Verizon store around 6am to wait in line to (hopefully) buy an iPhone 7. Julie, what’s a SitGo you ask? It’s what inventor Jon Webb calls a portable resting solution, but I like to call it a one-legged tripod for your butt. 😉 Seriously though, the SitGo is an ultra portable collapsable “chair” that stows away in a tube that’s about the same size as a large water bottle. This one-legged stool is perfect for events and other times when standing for long periods of time isn’t comfortable. SitGo is adjustable for different heights and only costs $29.95. Visit for more info and to order.

8 thoughts on “SitGo is the chair you need while waiting in line for an iPhone 7 tomorrow”

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  2. Ooh are they close to shipping? I ordered mine through Kickstarter what seems 2 years ago and I had forgotten about it until I read this article!! I’ll have to go and check!

  3. This is an old idea known as a shooting stick in Britain (but not in the US where the term refers to a gun mount). If you need one that’s collapsible, the Flipstick (available on Amazon) looks much more comfortable. But really, Julie, with your love of traditional bags, you should consider the rigid British stick with a leather seat. The ones designed for field use even have a spike bottom with a flip out disk so you won’t sink into the ground. To give you an idea, here’s one manufacturer’s line

  4. If you don’t mind something a little larger check out Walkstool. Three legs, in a variety of heights, great customer support for parts ( from Sweeden). And they even make a leg spreader for use in the sand or snow. Go for the models with collapsible legs which fold up smaller and are very strong.

  5. What a wonderful article. A lot of other product suggestions as well. Great work Julie.
    The sitgo wasn’t crowd funded. It is a private company. It is available for purchase on the sitgo website and on Amazon.

    1. Yeah, my bad…the similar product I backed on Kickstarter was a called SitPack…almost identical though so I wonder who had the idea first?!

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