Vaja Leather Suit for the 15″ MacBook Pro review

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I have reviewed several of Vaja’s Leather Suits over the years. All perfectly fitted for each of my Apple laptops and constructed with some of the finest materials available. Each Suit was handcrafted by artisans who created a, for lack of a better word, piece of art to protect my various MacBooks. And the Leather Suit for the 15″ MacBook Pro is no different. I had forgotten how much I like and enjoy the look, feel and protection the Vaja Leather Suit gives my laptop. That said, now onto my review…


Vaja uses only the finest leathers to create their products. They inspect and select all of their full-grain hides from the top 10% of Argentinian leather, known for its beauty, strength and durability. As I mentioned above, every Leather Suit is meticulously handcrafted producing the finest level of craftsmanship, material quality and detailed construction. Genuine Pebbled Floater leather combined with contrasting, smooth Caterena leather accents wrap your device in a protective leather shell that fits the MacBook Pro like a fine Italian glove. In my case, I selected black floater leather with olive as my accent color.


The interior of the Leather Suit is lined with soft suede-like material. The two halves/plates are held in place by form-fitted design, corner straps, and adhesive strips.



Once you clean the surface of your MacBook Pro, installing the Leather Suit is a quick and easy process. Simply remove the tape covering the adhesive and slide the leather plates onto the base and screen of your Apple laptop then apply a bit of pressure to the top and bottom. Both halves stay firmly in place after that point.


As I have said in the past:

Vaja has designed the Leather Suit to be worn all the time…never to be taken off. Vaja has designed and crafted the Suit like leather body-armor for a motorcycle racer. It is absolutely form-fitting; providing a rigid shell of protection over 95 percent of the aluminum casing. I love how it provides constant protection against scratching and/or denting the finely crafted aluminum casing of the MacBook Pro.

The top of the Suit has a metal Vaja logo pressed into the leather and the base has integrated “feet” adding grip and stability when using your laptop on a hard surface.


Leather Suit wraps around all of the 15″ MacBook Pro’s edges and completely covers the large main surfaces providing solid protection from scrapes, dings or bumps.


Both sides of the Leather Suit have cutouts which allow direct access to all of the Mac’s ports. The left side allows access to the power, Thunderbolt, USB, and earphone ports.


The right side allows access to the SD card slot, HDMI and USB ports.


The Vaja Leather Suit adds little to no bulk to the MacBook Pro. Though it does add approximately a pound of heft to your already heavy laptop.


The look and feel of the Leather Suit is excellent. The leather covering adds old world polish and class to a modern tech-powerhouse.


The Leather Suit comes in Vaja’s usual plethora of colors and allows for a multitude of color combinations.

Vaja’s Leather Suit is not cheap…at $440, it is one of the most expensive options for protecting your Macbook available. That said, I really love the uniqueness, functionality and protection the Leather Suit provides my 15″ MacBook Pro.  If you have the extra funding, I highly recommend considering Vaja’s stylish, perfectly fitted, all-the-time protection for your Mac laptop.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Vaja. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

  • 15" MacBook Pro
  • Excellent construction and materials
  • Old-World craftsmanship
  • Perfectly fitted for the MacBook Pro
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Well finished
  • Great 24/7 protection
  • Adds almost no bulk
  • Expensive
  • Adds a pound to the already heavy MacBooks

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  2. “Vaja has designed the Leather Suit to be worn all the time…never to be taken off.”

    That statement is nothing more than a cop out for lazy/terrible design. Adding an entire pound of weight (which is a LOT of BULK) to an already heavy MBP is a non-starter for many that travel with their MBP. The $400 price tag is just out right price gouging.

    I’ll be blunt, this review hurts your credibility.

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