Samsung S7 vs iPhone 6s, NFC payment rings, new Netflix shows and more – Friday links

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If you’re watching the clock till it’s time to start the weekend, I have something a little more “productive” that you can do. Click through to see a short list of five sites, products and other interesting things that I have collected this week.

ROMOSS Rolink Hybrid Cable: One Cable with a Flippable End for MicroUSB or Lightning. What?!

My thoughts: What are the chances that Apple decides to drop the Lightning connector and switch to a USB Type-C connector for the iPhone 7? Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if everyone used the same cables? Yeah, I am not going to hold my breath.

My thoughts: I really want this tech to take off. The thoughts of not having to swipe a credit card or even use a phone to buy something sounds fantastic to me. BTW, the ring talked about in the article above is by the same company that makes the NFC Ring that I reviewed earlier this year.

My thoughts: I am looking forward to reviewing the iPhone 7 when it comes out later this year. I’ve even toyed with the idea of switching back to iOS full time. I love Android, but I’m also bored with it right now and would welcome something different.

My thoughts: I was not impressed with the the LG G5, so I sure hope for LG’s sake that the V20 is a lot better.

Netflix September 2016 Movie and TV Titles Announced

My thoughts: Jeanne and I started watching Stranger Things last night and are already hooked after just one episode. What are some other must see Netflix original series other than Orange is the New Black which we already watch?

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    1. I forgot about 11.21.63. I have been meaning to add that to my watch list. Thanks for the reminder.

      What I love best about Netflix is that there are no commercials and I can watch the episodes on my own time. Either one at a time or all at once. I’ve only watched one Stranger Things episode so hopefully it wasn’t a one episode wonder. We’ll probably watch a few more this weekend. 🙂 I think there are less than 10 of them, so it’s not a huge investment when each one is less than 60mins in length.

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