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Okay, let’s state an obvious fact: Father’s Day is around the corner and dads like stuff. And many dads (like me) like electronic stuff. If your dad—or husband who is also a dad—enjoys music, maybe this is the year to consider headphones for that Father’s Day gift. Headphones come in all varieties of type, looks, quality, price and often the most overlooked variety—sound.

You may not know it, but many headphones can sound very different, yet all be considered good to great. How is that? Not all people like their music the same way—some prefer more bass, some might like a brighter, brassy sound and some just want a balanced, even sound. Most well-made headphones fall into the “accurate with a bit-of bass” mold or “warm sounding”. Master & Dynamic makes a headphone that falls into this warm audio style—the MH40 which I reviewed last year. Master & Dynamic has taken what makes the MH40 so good and applied it to a wireless version—the MW60. Master & Dynamic say that “The MW60 is designed to be the ultimate modern mobile headphone. Designed for decades of use, these Bluetooth headphones are built with only the finest materials and tuned to provide a rich, warm sound. Our MW60s combine patent pending stainless steel componentry with “form-meets-function” exposed all-aluminum antenna to create uncompromised durability, style and best-in-class signal range”.

Master_Dynamic_MW60_1 Master_Dynamic_MW60_2

The MW60 (with Aptx Bluetooth 4.1) has four times the industry average signal range powered by a 16-hour rechargeable battery. Heavy grain leather (cowhide and lambskin) with foldable stainless steel hinges make up the exterior. Also included are a noise-isolating microphone that provides call clarity.

The MH60 has 45mm Neodymium speakers which are a bit larger than most. Also included are a detachable 1.25m standard cable, micro USB input cord, a canvas pouch, canvas cord case and leather cable box.


The MW60 comes in the following color combinations: gunmetal / black leather and silver metal / brown leather. Also new are ear pad color choices for personal customization: Brown, burgundy, graphite, olive, pale gray and alcantara. Thee magnetic ear pads are easily replaceable.

If your dad deserves a huge thank you for raising such a smart and discerning person such as yourself, reward him with Master & Dynamic. The MW60 sells for $549 and is available now. Visit www.masterdynamic.com for more information and Amazon to order.

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