Fine point active stylus + fiber TruGlide tip = Lynktec Apex Fusion stylus

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Inexpensive capacitive styluses get the job done, but battery powered active styluses can do a much better job of mimicking the pen on paper feel that most of us want when drawing or writing on our touchscreen devices. Lynktec is no stranger to styluses and I’ve reviewed several of their products (see related posts lists below) over the years. Their latest stylus is the Apex Fusion, which combines the benefits of both capacitive and active styluses into one stylus that has a fiber polymer nib and is compatible with iOS and many popular Android devices. Lynktec Co-Founder Bob Martin says:

“By combining our smooth gliding TruGlide™ fiber tip technology with the fine point accuracy of our Apex active styluses, we have created an easy to use stylus that gives a natural and realistic pen to pad writing experience on touchscreens”

The Apex Fusion has an anodized aluminum body that is available in four color choices that include black, gold, silver and rose gold. It’s priced at $59.99 and will be available starting today. Visit Lynktec for more info.

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