Play “real” air guitar with the wearable Zivix AirJamz wristband

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We’ve all probably played air guitar at least once in our lives. If you don’t know what it is (do you live under a rock?), air guitar is pantomiming playing an electric guitar just like your favorite guitar hero shredding to a classic song. Anyone can play air guitar, but how would you like to play a “real” air guitar that makes actual music as you flail your make believe axe to the all time righteous melody of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water? “No way!” you say? “Way” I say! With the Zivix AirJamz you’ll be playing music as fast as you can strap the wrist band on your wrist and install the app (iOS or Android) on your phone. The AirJamz is a Kickstarter campaign that is currently seeking $30,000. Yeah, I know… Kickstarter campaigns can sometimes be hit or miss, but Zivix should be dependable because they’ve already had a successful campaign for the Jamstik which I reviewed last year. So whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, the Zivix AirJamz looks like a fun way to unleash your inner rock star. You can pre-order your AirJamz for $39 (early bird pricing), with shipping due in August. For more info visit the Zivix AirJamz Kickstarter page.

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