LarryAlert is a portable security device


We’ve reviewed a dozen or more wireless cameras that can be used as a home security system. They are usually setup to send alerts to mobile devices when detecting motion or sound. These simple systems are a viable alternative to higher priced systems that require a hefty monthly fee and significantly more complex installation. They work fine for home use, but what about a security system for on the go outdoor use? The LarryAlert has been designed as a portable security device that features a weather-resistant housing that’s great for campers, beach use, and more. This system creates an invisible shield around your stuff and sounds a siren alarm and plays a recorded warning or greeting if the shield is broken. The device also snaps images that are sent to your phone. The LarryAlert is priced at $149.00 and is currently available for pre-order, with shipping due in April. Visit for more info.

4 thoughts on “LarryAlert is a portable security device”

  1. Great idea! As I do a lot of camping and I’m away from my gear a lot of the time it would be nice to have a second set of eyes watching my stuff. Totally love this. (And I like the name too!)

  2. Just got my LarryAlert, pretty cool… haven’t had to use it for theft yet (knock on wood) but it is very fun just to play around with.

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