A Flic here, a Flic there…. I need a Flic smart button everywhere!

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As our lives have become more dependent on our devices there has also become a growing need to simplify.  I have an app for just about everything these days which I love don’t get me wrong, but my attention can be diverted while I fumble with my phone to turn on a light, or hit the snooze on my alarm.  Having a Flic smart button (or five or six) will give you the option to leave the phone alone, and still make things happen around you.  These little guys work via Bluetooth technology with the apps you have on your phone and allow you to program shortcuts that do simple tasks for you.  They even work with IFTTT recipes, so the options seem endless!  Because many of the devices that you own are Bluetooth as well, your phone doesn’t need to be present for the Flic to work, so anyone can use them!  They come in 5 different colors and you can get them with clips (top row in the pic above) or without (bottom row in pic above) and each one can be programmed to do three different things by clicking, double-clicking, and holding the button. I’ve always dreamed of a time when life was just like The Jetson’s cartoon, and it seems like we are getting closer. Now if only I can figure out how to have dinner made with the push of a few buttons. You can get one Flic and one clip for $34.00 or four Flics and one clip for $99.00. To order, or find about the many ways you can use Flic visit their website or find them on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “A Flic here, a Flic there…. I need a Flic smart button everywhere!”

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  2. I’d love a hands-on review if Gadgeteer can do one! I’ve been following this company for a while but want to hear someone’s real-world experience!

  3. It sure would be great if it actually worked. There are more bad reviews collectively on Amazon, but there are some good ones too. Maybe they are still working out the bugs? Perhaps we will get to review it and see for ourselves!

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