TappLock – security at the tip of your finger

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Whether it’s securing a locker, a shed, or luggage, most people find themselves in need of a padlock or combination lock at one time or another. The problem with these locks is you have to remember a combination or keep track of a key. Personally, I’ve had to throw away more than one lock because I’ve forgotten a combination or lost the key. Thankfully, everything in modern society seems to get a “smart” version of its simpler self. Padlocks and combination locks are no different.

Tapp is a pair of smartlocks that utilize your fingerprints or smartphone to lock and unlock themselves. Tapp comes in two models, TappLock and TapLock Lite. Both models are water resistant and allow access sharing; however, the TappLock can also recharge your phone, while the TappLock Lite cannot.

The locks are made from solid steel and feature anti-shim technology designed to keep the lock safe and prevent theft. The TappLock is equipped with a built-in tamper alarm and has a 3 year battery life. The TappLock Lite is a bit smaller and only has a 6 month battery life.

Both locks are available in several colors and can be backed at Kickstarter, with the TappLock costing $49 and the TappLock Lite costing $29. The locks have an estimated delivery date of September 2016.

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3 thoughts on “TappLock – security at the tip of your finger”

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  2. Like the idea, but it is still trading one potential problem (losing the combination/key) for another (battery). Wonder what will happen if the lock is immersed in a cup of water?

  3. I like the idea, but yeah having a battery on it means don’t use this for the item you may forget about for a while. A gym locker, or something short term maybe. then there is the question about what happens if/when it dies or fails, then you can’t get it open at all.

    Why not just put your lock combinations with some descriptions (the red mag lock etc.) in something like 1password or any of the free on phone password managers. Then you won’t ever forget..

    and then, there’s the sadness of the kickstarter phenomenon of failure and non-delivery. Their last report makes me even more leery of backing campaigns (have had three failures last year out of six funded) So, I might just wait till the actual delivery on this one

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