I won’t take a bullet for you, but here’s one to light your way

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Slughaus BULLET

In the world of EDC, one of the main features we look for is size. If a piece of EDC equipment is too big or too heavy, we don’t have time for it. The BULLET, a Kickstarter project, is listed as the world’s smallest LED flashlight, and by the looks of it, I cannot disagree. It is named the BULLET because it looks like a bullet. The BULLET has the following specs listed from their Kickstarter page;

  • Weight: .211 ounces
  • Width: .413 inches
  • Length: 1.18 inches
  • Materials: Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Battery: LR41 Button Cell
  • Type of Bulb: LED 5mm
  • Special Features: On/Off Twist Setting, and Mini Keyring Attached
  • Colors: Matte Black/ Gunmetal

As you can see, it’s small and lightweight and produces 15 lumens of light. There are many pledges points for this project, with a $8 pledge getting you one BULLET flashlight. This project is seeking funding until February 19, 2016, and if successful will ship in the May 2016 time frame.

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3 thoughts on “I won’t take a bullet for you, but here’s one to light your way”

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  2. Unfortunately in this over-reactive world, the first time through a security checkpoint or TSA my cool EDC flashlight gets confiscated by someone with no common sense to realize what it is…not worth the risk…I do like the look of it, though…

  3. Not even close to the la petite killer’s size. I can’t buy anything when the person selling it hasn’t even looked to back up their claims of it being the smallest

  4. Take a pass on this one. Serious design issues…the light activates bynscrewing to complete the circuit. When carrying on a keychain, it tends to unscrew. Lost one light already.

    And I had to wrangle with the sponsors to even get my pledge honored.

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