Make grooves you can dig with iRig Pads

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iRig Pads-1

It can be hard finding the right gift for the aspiring DJ in your household. Do you get them a drum machine, “two turn tables and a microphone”, what? IK Multimedia has come up with iRig Pads that can take the place of all of that. The iRig Pads is a universal MIDI controller for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MAC and PC. Designed with 16 programmable pads, a programmable slider and two programmable knobs, this thin powerhouse plugs into your “i” device via the included Lightning cable. With the ability to interface with proprietary and 3rd party software packages, the iRig Pads will have you on your way to rocking the party or making the beats. At a price of $149.99 from IK Multimedia, the iRig Pads will bring the happy beats to the musician in your life.

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