SmarterGarter is supposed to be a fashionable alternative to the fanny pack

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Each day I receive at least 100 emails pitching me ideas for products to write about on The Gadgeteer. I delete most of those emails seconds after opening them because there is nothing interesting about another iPhone bumper case, screen protector or a Kickstarter campaign for a selfie stick that includes a bottle opener. But every once in awhile I’ll receive emails about kooky products that 99% of you will never buy, but they are so “unique’ that I can’t help but want to tell you about them. Today I bring you the SmarterGarter. They claim that this product is a high-style, fashion-forward, non-embarrassing alternative to the fanny pack made just for women. Ummmm, ok… I’m a woman but would never be caught dead wearing something like the SmarterGarter. Maybe it’s because I am not Lara Croft, don’t have legs like the woman in the image above and don’t wear mini skirts or short shorts. Or maybe it’s because this “bag” is nowhere near as useful as a good old fashioned fanny pack (no, I don’t wear a fanny pack either, I’m just trying to make a point). At least you can carry stuff in a fanny pack. Ok, let me turn off my hater mode and give you the details and you can make up your own mind. The SmarterGarter is available in several styles that feature a faux leather or canvas pocket with antique brass decals, whatever that means, and a strap that goes around your thigh or the top of your boot. SmarterGarters are priced at $37.50 each and are available now. Visit for more info. If you end up buying one, I obviously expect a full report!

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16 thoughts on “SmarterGarter is supposed to be a fashionable alternative to the fanny pack”

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  2. I had to laugh when I read this and click to read more. That was cute! But for me, I’d have to go buy a skirt or a dress and then wear it. I am straight pants, don’t own a darned dress and don’t go places I can’t wear pants or slacks. lol

  3. Julie-

    This product has 171 reviews on Etsy, with a 5/5 star rating. I respect that you’re not a fan, but it’s a proven, quality item and there are many happy customers. Also, you posted the incorrect URL for the Smarter Garter website. It’s – Maybe better proofreading and less snide remarks?

  4. When I saw the SmarterGarter I knew I had to have one! I do not like purses, especially big ones! I wear my SmarterGarter everywhere, shopping, dancing, and bike-riding… hands-free, purse-free! All I need is my credit card, business cards, drivers license, and phone. Other ladies comment on it and love it, too! It’s very sexy!

  5. Hi there Julie,
    First off, it seems odd to write a product review for a product you have never physically seen or used. Typically a product review involves actual use of/exposure to said product.
    Second, I have 3 of these garter purses, 2 of which I purchased when the company was still Fuchsin Ave. I occasionally wear them with skirts/dresses, but more often I wear them over my jeans or as a boot pocket and they easily fit my phone, chapstick, ID, credit card, cash, keys… all I would need for a day out walking the town, hitting the local breweries, and even for a workout/run. When I was in NYC last fall, it was a great way to walk the city without a bag/purse. I am a short woman of 5’3″ and do not have the legs of the models, but I still feel confident wearing it and get many compliments and questions about where I got my garter.
    So, although this product may not be for everyone, it has its benefits for some of us, so don’t knock it until you try it!
    ps- many women use it to carry insulin pumps as well and rave about that aspect on the site!

    1. This wasn’t a review at all, it was a simple news post.

      Also, although I can’t prove it, I highly suspect that you are spamming this post with positive comments. There were 3 long comments posted within minutes of each other all with similar IP addresses that originated in the same area of California.

      1. Julie,
        Thank you for the clarification. As for your insinuation that I created multiple posts, that would be a resounding “no.” I live in Charlotte, NC not CA. I only posted that 1 reply to your post. I am actually not a person that replies to blogs/posts, but this one struck me as it was related to a product I own and enjoy and in your post you did ask for reviews of the product if anyone owned one, so that was the reason for my reply.

      2. Are you saying that its abnormal for ladies to call each other and tell each other about a crazy review of a product that they both like? Because this is a review not a news post. News posts contain facts WITHOUT all of the slams and opinions of the reporter. Also you said that if we have tried it, then we should submit our own review.

        Its normal for people to have different opinions but its also normal for fans to be friends with other fans and advocate for the products and people that we love.

        You are being very unfair by not approving the comments and reviews submitted by people who actually use the product. Thank you for allowing my review, but what about everyone else’s?

          1. Then where are the other three replies you spoke of that all originated in CA? I’m interested to see what other ladies think of the product.

  6. I must have missed the part where you actually tried the product. Oh wait, you didn’t. How can you can you write an honest review on a product that you’ve never tried? I own two of these and love them! I don’t have sexy legs at all but regardless, I feel sexy when I wear mine whether it be with a skirt or over my jeans, which is the norm. As far as room for holding items, how much room do you need? It’s perfect for the necessities! I respect your right to your opinion but maybe you should work harder on getting your facts straight in the future. This really is a great product. You should buy one, and try it. I dare you.

  7. I don’t wear short skirts or shorts of any kind but I DO wear a Smarter Garter. Its been a life saver in just about ever aspect of my life. The person who wrote this article has obviously never held one in her hands or strapped one to her leg! Here are some of the ways I use mine: 1. As a professional cook. I can keep my phone, cards and cash, car keys inside it. Strapped to the side I keep a pen, food thermometer and timer. I happened to be wearing it when the health inspector came through and she was very impressed with it. 2. I have young kids. When going to the park with my son I can’t leave my purse on the ground while I push him on the swing. I’d never see it again! 3. Laying out by the pool or on the beach. I know several ladies who have had their purses stollen while at the beach (my mother included). That will never happen to me! 4. At the gym. I don’t need a locker or lock or key or anything. I keep my ipod, headphones, car keys, phone, membership cards, ID and heart monitor handy inside my purse. Nothing to carry from machine to machine. 5. At the bar/club. Never again do you have to leave your purse with a friend at the table while you dance. Never will you be pick pocketed. 6. Traveling. I wore my purse on my flight to vegas. Walked right through security. No searching my bags! 7. Vegas was a business trip where I was required to meet new people and do a lot of networking. I HATE talking to people I don’t know. I’m just not good at starting conversations but since I had my purse on me at all times, people stopped me to ask about it. Everywhere I went it was an catching conversation piece that really took the pressure off of me. 8. I took my family to the circus. Again, no security check. When all of the other women had to have their bags inspected prior to entrance, I was able to completely bypass the line and walk right in.

    Also, I’m not built like a ballerina. I’m a mom with a mom body. I love keeping it on my boot in the winter but I also wear it just below my knee above my calf. I put it on the tightest setting and it works great there. Its also a handy spot because it make accessing it while you are driving super easy, think charging your cell phone or paying for food at a drive through. Its very convenient and everywhere I go people tell me how cute/cool/sexy I look (even wearing it on my calf). For a mom, thats an amazing compliment.

    I have loads of photos…

  8. I have 2 of these smarter garter purses and love them. I wear mine with leggings or jeans. It is great for when I go to craft fairs or the flea market and don’t want the worry of being pick pocketed. I have given these purses as christmas gifts to my sisters and they love them. Why don’t you try it first before judging it

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