Coolbox is a handyman’s toolbox that goes to 11


I frequently find myself working around my house, trying to do an adequate impersonation of a handyman. I firmly believe for every job there is the right tool, but recently I discovered a tool that may be right for every job. The Coolbox is a toolbox for the modern handyman. It features two built-in marine grade 40w bluetooth speakers, two integrated phone or tablet stands, and an auxiliary jack. You will never have to worry about your phone or tablet running out of battery because the Coolbox has two usb charging ports powered by a 5000mAh battery. The Coolbox also includes a 12 foot retractable extension cord. This extension cord keeps the battery charged and powers three built-in 120v outlets. Other Coolbox features include a removable double-sided white board for taking notes, internal and external LED lighting for working in the dark, a digital clock so you know when it’s break time, luggage wheels for easy transport, dual handles for easy lifting, and a bottle opener for those post-project refreshments. The Coolbox was a successfully funded IndieGoGo project. The Coolbox will start shipping this summer in a variety of colors and can be pre-ordered through the Coolbox website which uses IndieGoGo’s In Demand ordering system. Prices start at $189.

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