Throw away your dustpan and use Eye Vac instead

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Getting all the dirt you’ve swept up into the dustpan is like a line approaching an asymptote – it never actually happens.  The Eye Vac Professional stationary vacuum gets rid of the dustpan and sucks up all the dirt when you just sweep everything in front of the vacuum.  I’ve seen similar vacuums built in to the toe-kick of kitchen cabinets, but those require you to have a whole-house vacuum system, which costs much more than the Eye Vac.  The Professional is always on, and it activates and vacuums up everything in front of it when the dirt or the broom breaks the beam of the IR sensors.  “Cyclonic Vacuum action” picks up everything, and “dual air filtration, including a HEPA exhaust filter” returns clean air to the room.  The Eye Vac Professional stationary vacuum is available in black or white for $129 from EyeVac.

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  2. Our family hairdresser/barber gas been using something similar for at least six years, i am not sure of the cyclonic action but I have always thought it was such a marvelous idea. After every cut be would just sweep the floor up to this unit and all the hair would be sucked up. It saved him a lot of physical pain of having you bend down every fifteen minutes to collect the hair.
    I did not expect to see something like it in a Gadgeteer article for such a reasonable price.

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