From nude to super-nude: The NudeAudio Super-M Bluetooth speaker

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In just a short time, NudeAudio has become known for good-sounding, no-frills Bluetooth speakers that are also reasonably priced. However, NudeAudio was not satisfied (are successful companies ever satisfied?), so they decided to do something a little different. They went public with a Kickstarter Fund for the development of their next project: The NudeAudio Super-M wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. The fund was exceeded within 24-hours and the speakers is now ready for sale.


The Super-M has a total of six speakers (three per side)—four full-range drivers and two passive subwoofers. This orientation creates 360-degree sound that fills a space no matter where you stand, sit or dance. It’s also shockproof, waterproof, sand proof, and snow proof with its components protected by a rounded soft, silicon sleeve.

Included is a cord for grabbing and hanging the speaker anywhere. Eight hours of battery life is standard with USB charging. The Super-M also includes speakerphone functionality for hands-free calling.

Oh yeah, it fits in your pocket.

“The intent of this project was to build the world’s best sounding speaker that fits into the back pocket of your jeans,” says Chief Executive Officer, Tom Dudderidge.

The Gadgeteer hopes to review the Super-M soon. We will keep you posted.

The NudeAudio Super-M Bluetooth speaker is available for the holidays and sells for $99 US.

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3 thoughts on “From nude to super-nude: The NudeAudio Super-M Bluetooth speaker”

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  2. NudeAudio. These guys launched this project on Kickstarter then proceeded to thoroughly dick their backers. They promised backers over and over that they will have their units by summer. Then they promised the fall. Then they promised to fill them before Christmas. They are still promising. The project suffered numerous delays under the guise of quality control. Right before Christmas, Amazon had units available for 2 day delivery, and only a handful of backers had been filled when they were supposed to take priority. 3rd week into the new year, most of the backers still don’t have their super-m. Despite how good the story of the super-m sounds, and the delays to “get it right”, NudeAudio failed to get it right, and delivered an alarmingly high rate of defective units. Defects included speaker driver failure, static, poor bluetooth performance, loose rubber, glue that is not glued (they are not waterproof with glue failure), and even the usb port itself can break. The company threw their scruples out the window. Please consider another speaker.

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