Do your laundry anywhere with the Panda Compact Washing Machine


The Panda Compact Washing Machine is only 14″ wide and 19.3″ tall, but it can wash 5.5 pounds of laundry.  You just plug it in, load in your clothes, and add water and detergent, and it will handle the washing.  It’s good for doing small loads and can handle delicates to towels.  It’s great for use in apartments or dorms, or for RVs and campers.  Be aware that this washer, like other countertop washers, doesn’t have a spin cycle, but it will work for agitating clothes in the wash or rinse “cycle”.  You’ll have to wring out the water yourself, or you’ll need a bigger machine.  The Panda Compact Washing Maching is $89.99 at Amazon.  You can also find the Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer there for $199.99.

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  • Bob Deloyd November 7, 2014, 5:30 pm

    Was just looking at these and a few others not more than a month ago!

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