Moto Hint is a Bluetooth headset that doesn’t make you look like a tool or does it?

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Earlier this week Motorola took the wraps off two new smartphones and the Moto 360 smartwatch, but the new device that caught my interest the most is the Motorola Hint Bluetooth headset. This is the first headset that I’ve seen in a very long time that I’d actually consider wearing – in public. That’s because the Hint is small and much more inconspicuous than traditional Bluetooth headsets. But probably the most interesting feature is that this headset is completely handsfree. You don’t have to touch it to interact with it because it relies on your voice commands to control it. Just say “Ok Moto” proceeded by a command like “What’s the forecast for today?”, “Call mom”, etc. The Hint features a 150 foot roaming range and pass thru audio so you can still hear what is going on around you when it’s in your ear. It will automatically power on when you put it in your ear and will turn off when you remove it and put it in the included charging case. The Hint will be priced at $149.99 and will have an outer cover that will be available in a variety of colors and materials. Visit Motorola to sign up to receive a notification when the Hint becomes available.

8 thoughts on “Moto Hint is a Bluetooth headset that doesn’t make you look like a tool or does it?”

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  2. Very tempting, but the way I lose small Bluetooth headsets I’d need to buy these in bulk. I actually bought a Plantronics Voyager Pro last time around specifically because of how big and douchetastic it is… I don’t care how I look and at least the Voyager isn’t going to fall off my ear and vanish. Anyone else have that problem? 🙂

  3. Rob,

    That was exactly my first concern.

    It’s not that small Bluetooth headsets fall out of my ear, it’s that no headset except for Etymotic’s stay in the ear.

    1. The 150 foot range really interests me. Is that a benefit of Bluetooth 4.0? The last Bluetooth headset I tried must have been 3.0 because I was lucky to get 15 – 25 feet range. I’m still looking for a small Bluetooth headset, wrist band, smart pocketwatch etc that will let me leave my phone on my desk and then walk to a different building when I’m at work or outside when I’m at home.

  4. “Up to 10 hours talk time with charging case”?
    What is the talk time without? I do see that I would wear this with the charging case attached.

  5. I meant I do not see myself wearing the headset with the charging case attached. Joke intended. I had a BT headset with a charging case and I love this combo. However, I am looking for the answer that how long this headset would last seeing that this thing is so small.

  6. Looks like a big fat cheap hearing aid. No way in the world, would I ever wear this thing. And what’s with the fake wood designs on the end. Why would I want to stick a piece of wood in my ear?

  7. According to the fine print on Motorola’s web page for the Hint, voice control “Requires Moto Voice only available on Moto X (2nd gen)”. Makes it DOA for most.

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