TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp review

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TaoTronics LED lamp 1
Who doesn’t need a desk lamp? How about an energy efficient LED desk lamp? Often when I think of LED lighting, I think of the sometimes harsh blue tinted lights, but the TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp has several light settings so it is time to set my presuppositions aside and give it a try. TaeTronics LED lamp 2

Package Contents

  • LED Lamp
  • Lamp base
  • Power cord
  • Microfiber cloth
  • User manual

Technical Specifications

  • Model: TT-DL01
  • Size: 18.8 x 7 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Voltage: DC 12V / 1.5A
  • USB Voltage: 5V/ 1A
  • Operate Temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃
  • Lumens: 530lm

Design & Build Quality

TaoTronics LED lamp 1 The upright portion of the lamp is made of a not-so-rugged, shiny lightweight plastic. The base of the lamp is made of heavyweight shiny plastic and works well as a good solid base. However, the shiny surface does attract fingerprints and smudges. That is likely the reason a microfiber cloth is included with the lamp when you purchase it.

TaoTronics LED lamp 5 The power adapter plugs right into the back of the upright portion of the lamp. The lamp also rotates 180 degrees at the base.

TaoTronics LED lamp 5a

The lamp adjusts 40 degrees at the pivot point just above the control panel.

TaoTronics LED lamp 5b

The lamp also adjusts an additional 140 degrees at the pivot point where the head of the lamp meets the upright portion.

TaoTronics LED lamp 5c

This lamp has the added benefit of having a 5V/1A USB charging port along the lower side of the upright portion of the lamp.

TaoTronics LED lamp 7

There are three rows of LEDs in this lamp. The two outer rows of LEDs are a blue color and the center row of LEDs is yellow. These rows work together to provide the different light intensities and colors for each of four modes. The lights are slightly recessed inside the head of the lamp so that the LEDs are not blinding.

Setup & Use

TaoTronics LED lamp 3

The assembly of the lamp to its base was very easy. You start by unscrewing a plastic cap from the upright portion of the lamp.

TaoTronics LED lamp 4

You then fit the upright portion through the base and screw the plastic cap back on from the underside of the base. All done!

TaoTronics LED lamp 6

The control panel is touch sensitive. The On/Off Power button status light glows red when the lamp is plugged in but turned off. To turn on the lamp you touch the On/Off button which then automatically selects the last mode and brightness level that were used. The LED status light for the selected mode shines red and the On/Off button no longer shines. There are four modes: Reading, Study, Relax and Sleep. Within each mode there are five brightness levels that may be adjusted using the +/- touch buttons. The touch panel worked well, which made selecting the modes and changing the brightness levels easy.

TaoTronics LED lamp reading

The Reading mode uses all three rows of LEDs. This is the highest intensity lighting. The color of the light has the slightly blue tint that might be expected from the typical LED.

TaoTronis LED lamp study

The Study mode uses all three rows of LEDs, but this time the center row of yellow LEDs is slightly dimmer. The color of the light still has the slightly blue tint, maybe even a little more than the Reading mode but it is difficult to tell.

TaoTronics LED lamp relax

The Relax mode uses all three rows of LEDs, but in this case, the two outer rows are much dimmer and the center row of yellow LEDs is much brighter. The color of the light is very different from the Reading or Study modes. It is now a soft yellow.

TaoTronics LED lamp sleep

The Sleep mode uses only the center row of LEDs. It is still the soft yellow color of light but at a lower intensity than the Relax mode.

TaoTronics LED lamp reading 2

Reading mode.

TaoTronis LED lamp study 2

Study mode.

TaoTronics LED lamp relax 2

Relax mode.

TaoTronics LED lamp sleep 2

Sleep mode. It is very difficult to capture the differences in the lighting modes of the lamp, but hopefully you can at least tell the differences between the slightly blue light of the Reading and Study modes and the soft yellow light of the Relax and Sleep modes.

According to the website, “This new generation eco-friendly LED desk lamp cost 80% less energy than traditional incandescent lamp for maintaining the same level of brightness… [and] Its LED bulbs have a lifespan of over 25 years.”

Setting the 60 minute timer is easy. First, turn the lamp on and select the mode you desire. Then, touch the “60 Min” button after which, the On/Off button flashes red. When the 60 minutes have passed, the lamp automatically shuts off. When testing this, I had no problems – the lamp stayed on for exactly 60 minutes then shut off.

I also used the USB charging port to charge my iPod Touch and my HTC One X phone (both started at about 20% charge) and each reached a full charge at the same rate as their OEM charging adapters. Larger devices such as tablets would take longer since the charger is only 5v/1A.

Final Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised with the TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp. The Reading and Study mode have the slightly blue tint light that is typical of LEDs, but the Relax and Sleep modes are very pleasant. The lamp itself is not quite as bright as other desk lamps even at the highest brightness level, but it is enough to illuminate all that is beneath it. The lights are recessed inside the head of the lamp so that the LEDs are not blinding. The 60 minute timer works like a charm allowing you to read in bed and fall asleep without having to worry about turning off the lamp. The USB charging port charges small mobile devices at their normal rate and is a very nice addition to the lamp. Also, being an LED lamp it saves energy and cost and will outlast many incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. What more could you ask for? Bluetooth? Maybe next time. 😉

Update 01/01/15

It’s been four months since we’ve received the TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp and I find that it is still a wonderful addition to our lighting needs. It may not be quite as bright as other LED lamps, but I find that it suits us very well.

Update 07/13/16

I really enjoy using this LED lamp. It still works well and I like the adjustable light settings (brightness and color), especially the warmer lights. It has a USB port, and even though I don’t use it, it’s nice to have available.

Update 10/17/18

We have been using the TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp every day for four years now without any issues. We love it!

Source: The TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp was provided by TaoTronics, Inc. The TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is available through Amazon for $69.99.


Product Information

Manufacturer:TaoTronics Inc.
  • Energy efficient
  • 4 Lighting modes: Reading, Study, Relax, and Sleep
  • 5 Brightness levels
  • 5V/1A USB charging port
  • 60 minute timer
  • Adjustable/foldable
  • Not quite as bright as other desk lamps
  • Attracts fingerprints and smudges

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  2. @Chris And someone on the Amazon site you linked to for the Satechi lamp claims that it is a knockoff of another one from Lumiy! There appear to be quite a few very similar, if not interchangeable, models. Do you like yours?

  3. Greg:

    Hahaha, that’s funny.
    I had a hard time spending that much on a lamp (granted mine was on sale at the time), but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.
    I use it probably 1-2 hours, per day, at work.
    The hardest part has been finding perfect spot on desk for it, that accommodates it best, in regards to tilt/turn/etc.

  4. i had to exchange the first one but pay s and h, but there is some value here in its features and looks. it looks and acts as if its more expensive. its not super bright but bright enough and very adjustable. with the timer i use the light in low as a night lite that will shut off after i leave the room. it does not draw a lot of current. the usb port comes in very handy on any desk.

  5. @Suzanne – I’m sorry, but i do not have access to the Lumly Lightblade 1500S or Satechi to do any kind of comparing or contrasting. However, from the link you provided, I can tell one difference – the head of the Lightblade lamp is able to rotate from side to side in addition to up and down, whereas the the TaoTronics does not (it will only adjust up and down).

  6. Great article. I hear alot of the big commercial offices going for the Lumiy Lightline and Lightblade LED desk lamps. They’re more expensive, but are commercial grade lamps – brighter, tougher, higher build qualilty.

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