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We all probably have our favorite pair of headphones/earphones that we like to use with our smart devices. The problem I find is that I am often in situations that make it hard to use my headphones/earphones with my smart device. Situations like working out or traveling when I don’t want my cord to dangle all over the place, or I want to keep my smart device packed away and secure. MuseMini had the same thought and designed the ClipR, a Bluetooth device that allows you use your headphones/earphones in almost any situation.

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The ClipR is a 1.625 inch disc designed to pair with your smart device using Bluetooth 4.0 allowing you to plug almost any headphones/earphones with a 3.5mm jack into it and listen to your favorite music.

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The ClipR comes with the following:

  • 1 ClipR
  • 1 Micro USB charger
  • 1 Mini Audio cord for home stereo or speaker connection
  • 1 User Manual

and has the following technical specifications as listed on their website:

  • Bluetooth Version: CSR V4.0 and NFC
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz~2.48GHz
  • Profile supported: Headset and hands free, HSP ,A2DP ,AVRCP
  • Hi Fi audio
  • Operation range:10 m
  • Talking time:7~8Hours
  • Music playing time:6~7 Hours
  • Stand-by time:150~180 Hours
  • 1.625″ in diameter

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The front of the ClipR has the multi-function button used to pair it to your Bluetooth device as well as pause and play your music. The multi-function button also has a Muse logo printed on it.

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The back of the ClipR has a spring clip with MuseMini name and the website address printed on it. The clip rotates 360 degrees to allow you wear it in different orientations.

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On the bottom of the ClipR is located the charging port, it has a soft rubber cover that is connected to the ClipR by a short rubber cord. To charge you simply open the port cover and plug the included USB to Micro USB cord to your ClipR and your charging source.

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The top of the ClipR has the headphone jack, a multi colored LED to let you know when you are pairing and charging, and what I would assume is the microphone hole.

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The right side of the ClipR has the volume + or up button that can also be used to play the next track.

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The left side of the ClipR has the volume – or down button that can also be used to play the previous track.

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Pairing the ClipR with my iPhone 5 was as simple as holding the multi-function button down until the pairing LED flashed red and blue, enabling the Bluetooth pairing function on my phone and waiting for them to sync up. Although I could not test it, the ClipR has the ability to pair with compatible devices using NFC (Near Field Communication). Another nice feature of the ClipR is the fact that a voice will tell you when the power is on and when you are paired and connected with your device.

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The ClipR has the ability to accept almost any headphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack. I mainly tested using a pair of Sony MDR W014 sport headphones. I used them as I would be mainly using the ClipR, when I work out. I also used the ClipR with my favorite in ear earphones – the Munitio SV’s. Sound quality was very good, I could not really tell of any sound quality loss with the headphones I was using. I am not sure how better quality headphones would do with the ClipR, but for everyday use especially they way I use it, the issue is moot. The ClipR has good Bluetooth range, I got well over the listed 10 meter range for the device and still had a good connection. The only time I had any issues was when I was out of range and had a wall or a door between me and the ClipR.

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The ClipR has a built-in microphone to allow you to answer and make phone calls while using it. Sound quality from the mic was clear and loud according to the person I called. On my end the call was also clear and volume was good. Answering and ending the calls was as simple as pressing the multi-function button.

So, what’s my bottom line here? I found the MuseMini ClipR to be a handy little device and I love it. Sound quality was good and the volume range was great. Call quality was as stated and was easy to use. I found the weight and size to be a real plus for me especially when working out. The included instructions were adequate but could be more in-depth. At a price of $39.99 on the MuseMini website and available currently in three colors, the ClipR is a contender for anyone looking for a way to stream music through your favorite non Bluetooth headphones/earphones.


Product Information

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Headphones/earphones with a 3.5mm jack
  • Light weight
  • Small size
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • None

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  2. Larry –

    What was your experience with battery life? I know the specs say “6-7 hours” but I’m wondering how your real-world experience compared.


  3. i found the clip r to be rather cheap and had 2 defective ones and terrible customer service w no response to emails etc. i am still waiting for credits on my devices. i had 2 units stop speaking English, instead the clip r talks to me in chinese, very annoying since i dont speak the language.

  4. @npeckio Thanks for your input. Sorry to hear you had issues with yours. I have seen reviews that run the gamete from terrible to great. So fa,r based on my continued use I still have not ran into any issues. I don’t know if I would say that it felt cheap but the light weight of it does make it seem like it could be fragile (even though I have not found that to be the case).

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