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In the past couple of years, I’ve read stories about two medical clinics in my area dumping patient records.  They didn’t shred them; they just set boxes of records full of patients’ personal and medical information out by the dumpster behind the building.  It boggles the mind that anyone would expose themselves to a lawsuit for such inept handling of private information that was entrusted to their business. 

I now live in a high-rise building with 100+ units in it.  I recently saw a notice on the bulletin board that, because some homeowners were complaining that they didn’t have a secure way of disposing of private papers, the HOA had purchased a locking metal cabinet that tenants could dispose of personal papers in until everything was picked up and shredded by a business the HOA has contracted with.  I personally think the whiners should have purchased a shredder like the rest of us, because it would probably have cost less than their share of whatever the HOA is paying for this service.

In both cases, purchasing a commercial-grade shredder like the Fellowes AutoMax Shredders would have been a cost-effective, safe alternative to hiring a shredding service, or in the case of the medical clinics, exposing yourself to a law suit and exposing patients to identity theft.  The AutoMax Shredders are engineered to make them safe and easy to use.  You don’t have to worry that the equipment would be damaged because someone tossed in a paperclip, because the 100% Jam Proof technology powers through staples, paperclips, CDs, and wads of paper that bring lesser shredders to their knees.  You don’t have to worry about injuries, because SafeSense technology stops the shredder the instant someone’s hand comes into contact with the machine near the shredding heads.  You can just toss your sensitive papers in the shredder’s feed drawer and walk away knowing they’ll be safe from prying eyes, because the SmartLock feature locks the feeder drawer until everything is shredded, and the SureFeed technology makes sure all the papers are fed in without jams.  With the Fellowes AutoMax 300C and 500C shredders, employees are freed up for more productive work, and the tenants in my building are freed to get back to their lives quickly, without having to babysit their pile of shredding.

If you would like to quit babysitting your office or condo-building shredder, go to the Fellowes website to learn more about the Fellowes AutoMax line of shredders.

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