As seen on TV: Stone Wave Microwave Cooker review

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Do you eat out more than you cook at home? What if you could make an omelet in less than 5 minutes or an “apple pie” in 3 minutes? Would that make you consider staying home instead of going out? The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker from Telebrands (As Seen on TV) lets you cook foods quick and easy. It may become your new cooking pal. Let me show you how it works.

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Package Contents

Stone Wave cooker
Recipe guide


The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is a ceramic stoneware bowl with a special domed lid that allows heat to be circulated, while the special chimney design allows steam to escape.


This cooker has been designed for microwave use only, and should not be used in a conventional oven or on the stove top.


The hollow handle is one of my favorite features because it stays cool even after several minutes in the microwave.


The inner diameter measures 4.5 inches, with a 3.5 inch height and a 12 ounce capacity. You’re not going to use this cooker to make a meal for your entire family. It’s designed for single servings. That said, most medium sized microwaves should be able to accommodate up four Stone Wave cookers at the same time.


I used the included recipe booklet for my first cooking test – an omelet.


As per the directions, I whipped up two eggs with a fork and added salt and pepper.


I also added a bit of shredded ham and some cheese on top. With the lid in place, I put the cooker in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Then using the handle, I took it out of the microwave to check if it was done cooking. The top was too hot to lift without using a pot holder. Using a fork I checked the middle to see if it was still liquidy, which it was. I put the lid back on and cooked for an additional 45 seconds.


Here are the results. It actually turned out pretty good. I think the additional 45 seconds was a bit too long as the edges were a little chewy. But other than that, it was a quick and easy. In case it’s not obvious, you can eat right from the Stone Wave, I just put the omelet a on plate so you could see it better.

I can imagine fixing an omelet like this one before leaving for work in the morning, to take with me for breakfast.


The box and website mention that the Stone Wave has a non-stick surface, so I was anxious to see if the eggs would stick to the sides and bottom of the cooker. It did stick a little, but not really all that bad. I think a way to avoid sticking would be to smear a little butter or olive oil on the bottom and sides.

After my omelet lunch, I was ready for some dessert, so my next test was to make an “apple pie”.


I like to cook, but I don’t like to bake desserts – I like to eat them though! Making a pie from scratch just seems like a colossal hassle to me, so I never do it. When I saw the baked apple crisp recipe in the included recipe book, I knew I’d be trying it.

You can’t get much easier than one apple, water, butter, cinnamon, sugar and some bread crumbs. I didn’t have bread crumbs so I substituted a couple Townhouse butter crackers.


All you have to do is slice the apple, add a tablespoon of water and cook for 2 minutes. Then you pour out the excess water, add some cinnamon, sugar, butter and crushed crackers.


One minute later you’ll smell that wonderful apple pie smell as you take the Stone Wave cooker out of the microwave. One word comes to mind to describe this quick and easy dessert – yum! I didn’t even feel that guilty for eating it because it didn’t have a ton of sugar (just 1/2 teaspoon) or any weird ingredients that I can’t pronounce.

I know that I could use a glass bowl with plastic wrap or waxed paper over the top to cook the same things I’ve tried here. Sure, that would work, but I don’t like to use plastic wrap or waxed paper anymore because I wonder what chemicals they are leeching into my foods. I prefer to use glass dishes, but I don’t have any with handles like the Stone Wave or with lids that have a steam opening like the Stone Wave. I’ve used plates on top of bowls, but that ends up being awkward and a little difficult to get in and out of the microwave.

A Stone Wave cooker can be easier for kids to handle and perfect for college kids and even people with a whole kitchen full of pots and pans. I like the simple design of the Stone Wave cooker and will be trying more recipes soon.

I really want a Stone Wave cooker with a capacity large enough to cook two or more servings at once.

Note: The cooker is advertised as $10 each, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to order just one through the official Stone Wave site. When you order, it automatically selects 2 Stone Waves which charges you a total $23.98, which includes shipping & handling. You can find them at Walmart for $9.88 each.


Product Information

  • Easy to use
  • Quick cooking
  • Splatter free cover
  • Small capacity, single serving

19 thoughts on “As seen on TV: Stone Wave Microwave Cooker review”

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  2. For peace of mind I’d check that glaze for lead if I really wanted to use that device. (Simple kit available in hardware stores.) We do similar cooking with a ramekin covered with a microwave safe dish. No handle of course. “Ooo, ow, ow, OW !”

    1. An Amazon verified purchaser on the Amazon UK site
      posted this comment :

      “very worried about possibility of lead (as indicated by one reviewer) so purchased First Alert lead tester. Test was completely clear (absolutely no lead). ”

      So it seems safe enough, that said almost all cookware material “supposedly” have safety risks, from Stainless steel,aluminum, ceramic,Teflon,Iron, plastics, tupperware……the list goes on!
      That said, it is good to know that this Stoneware pot appears lead free……. but it may be prudent to stick to stoneware rather than other brands that have started to appear on the market.

  3. I’ll second the ramekin or even a normal bowl. My wife and I had egg sandwiches this morning out of a normal ceramic bowl. One minute per egg, add a little milk to fluff them up nicely (just like in a pan).

    Also, a quick spray of cooking oil makes it easier to clean (although it’s still easy to clean if you forget).

    The one advantage I see is that the handle is nice… you do have to be careful with a normal bowl (since they heat up), but I don’t see it as worth it, personally.

      1. Hi Julie:
        Thanks for your review of the Stone Wave, of six years ago. I looked on the web at the other reviews, and other info, none mention that this product, is NOT just a microwave dish. I have a couple and it does do what it says that it does. I concluded that the microwave oven does not do all the cooking, the cooking is done by the Stone Wave itself. I believe that it has metal particles in the clay and makes the little pot very hot, and cooks the food. It also forms a shield for all the microwave radiation. The handle does not have the metal particles, that’s why it doesn’t get too hot. It gets warm by the heat in the actual pot.

    1. A GENIUS, adorable little egg cooker!! It makes a perfect one-minute, sunny-side-up, “hard” cooked yolk egg in one minute flat! PLUS, the handle is genius-designed to stay “cool”, for fast “grab and go”! I bought this a long time ago, but didn’t actually use it until yesterday. Now, I’m a fan!! This little stoneware dish is designed, with the clay bowl and lid, like a miniature Moroccan tangine. I’ve “lost” the recipe booklet, but am happy to see a link to it in a reply on this page. How cool is that? Thanks!

  4. David Armstrong

    You selling the stone wave for $10.00 each why in Australia their selling for $49.95 plus P&H then buy 1 get one free please explain this.

  5. My daughter works for Dollar Tree. They just got these in. No kidding! $1.00 apiece tax. I bought 4, but after seeing what they are selling for elsewhere, I might just buy 10 more for gifts. I’ve been wanting to try these. I’m glad I waited!

  6. Best monoey $1 can buy. we dont have a kitchen@ work.just a fridge and microwave. took it to work. made individual Omlets for coworkers.they said it was better than MCRestaurante.
    we all LOVE it. Bravo Bravo ***** 5 Stars.

  7. Excellent micro cooker. You can cook almost anything in it. Perfect for veggies (fresh/frozen), potatoes, carrots, eggs/omelets, grilled (yes, grilled cheese sandwiches), fish/seafood, meat, mug cakes & brownies. Cooks quickly w/steam, if you use the cover & you can easily adjust cooking times to suit yourself and what you’re cooking. Easy to clean and store. Now just tell me where I can buy this product for a $1. Paid original price for 1 set several years ago, but would love to buy many more at such a great price, for myself and for gifts. And BTW, would be the perfect cooking item for the college dorm room. Definitely a 5-Star *****product & very versatile for cooks of all skill levels.

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