Old becomes new with Ion Cassette Adapter Bluetooth

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Anybody with an older car can relate to this: You have a smartphone with all the latest Bluetooth connectivity, but your car stereo is still oh so 90s with its cassette and maybe CD player. No USB. No AUX port. Certainly no Bluetooth… until now. Ion has made it possible for any Bluetooth-enabled device to connect wirelessly to any car audio system via its new Cassette Adapter Bluetooth. There is no complicated installation or wires or even tape. Just pop the cassette in, pair the device, and your music is now playing over your car speakers. Plus, any incoming call can be heard over those same speakers, resulting in true hands-free calling. Will the audio be audiophile quality? Nope, it’s Bluetooth. However, convenience should far outweigh any trade-offs in audio quality.

The Ion Cassette Adapter Bluetooth can add new life to old car stereos, which can be a big money-saver. Included are USB Charging Cable, manuals, and it’s equipped with a 6-hour rechargeable battery. Pricing and release date have not been announced yet.

7 thoughts on “Old becomes new with Ion Cassette Adapter Bluetooth”

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  2. I want one powered by the drive mechanism of the cassette player so it’s always ready to go. Having to remember to connect the cord to charge it is even more annoying than having to connect the headphone output from a traditional cassette audio adapter.

  3. Based on WHERE the USB cable is located, that should be an option. Not sure if the device can FUNCTION while plugged in (some turn off while charging), but it SHOULD at least be able to have it plugged in while in your cassette player.

    I have a traditional cassette adapter in my old 1980’s pickup — which I’ve tucked the wire to the back panel (so you can’t see it) and have it plugged in to a little bluetooth audio adapter I hot wired to the back of the cigarette lighter in the dash.

    Works for me — and I don’t have wires hanging all over the place (not that it would matter as the inside of my truck looks like a tornado ran through it).

  4. Anyone know where you can buy it? I was on their website and they list a bunch of retailers. None of them have them. They say you can go to Ions website and order, but also, a no go. Recommendations?

  5. David,
    It hasn’t been released yet.
    You can keep tabs on their web site and I will try to update the post when it becomes available.


  6. A missed opportunity for additional kewlness:

    Why does it have a battery that needs USB charging, when the spinning of the capstans could recharge it?

    Even so, I suppose I’ll get one for my 2004 WRX.

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