Only Bodyweight helps you stay fit without a gym


For us road warriors, fitting in a workout while away from home can be difficult.  Hotel gyms vary widely in their usefulness, and just plain finding the time for fitness – either while traveling or at home – can be challenging.   Only Bodyweight, a web-based, customizable, exercise program that uses bodyweight-only exercises, might help solve these issues.  It allows you to generate and save a workout on your computer in four clicks, then access it months later from your phone or other device.  Choose from six difficulty levels, three types of workouts, four workout lengths, and 250+ bodyweight exercises that you can do virtually anywhere you have a place to stretch out.  Basic membership is $12.99/month, Full membership is $18.99/month, and a full year membership is $189.90/year.  Take a tour for more details, or try any of the memberships with a 7-day free trial.

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