Lucrin Smooth Lamb Leather Bag Holder review

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The floor is a dirty place to set your bag down.  It doesn’t matter if you have an inexpensive fabric bag or a designer leather bag, you don’t want the bottom getting dirty nor do you want it to pick up the germs and other yucky stuff – that some people call bagteria – on the bottom of your bag.  Setting your bag on the table in restaurants isn’t good, either, because of the danger of spills, and there isn’t always an extra chair to hold your bag.  There are a variety of holders available now that balance on the edge of a table and suspend your bag above the floor to keep it clean and to keep it in your sight.  I’ve seen a variety of bag holders in this general style, and I have two of them in my bag right now that function in this exact way.  The Smooth Lamb Leather Bag Holder from Lucrin elevates the simple bag holder with its beautiful leather accent.

lucrin-bag-holder-2The Lucrin bag holder comes with a dust jacket.  It’s made of a brown flannel fabric, and it is sized for a wallet or other accessory that’s bigger than this little holder.  It also has a coordinating leather pouch to protect the holder while it’s in your purse.

The holder comes in a variety of colors and leathers.  Some are granulated cow leather, some are smooth cow leather, and some have been embossed with a croco design.  The aqua one I received is done in smooth lamb leather.

lucrin-bag-holder-3Both the padded leather medallion and the pouch are made of the same leather, and both are embossed with the Lucrin name.  According to the Lucrin website, you can have the leather medallion embossed with your initials, if desired.

The center medallion measures about 1.3″ in diameter.  The hook hangs about 3″.

lucrin-bag-holder-4The hanging hook is jointed and wraps around the leather-accented medallion.  Magnets hold it wrapped securely around the medallion for compact storage.  The hook is attached to the medallion with a pin, so the hook can swing freely.  You’ll notice the back of the medallion is covered with a black rubbery material which gives the back some grip.

lucrin-bag-holder-5Here you see the holder opened into the bag-hanger position.  You just set it on the edge of the table, and the grippy backing holds it in place.

lucrin-bag-holder-6Place the strap of your purse on the hook, and your bag will be suspended above the floor – safe and clean.  It easily held my tiny Vera Bradley Frannie bag.  It also easily held my husband’s loaded Cocoon SLIM Backpack MCP3401, which weighs about 8 pounds loaded with a 15″ MacBook Pro and various cables and chargers.  I don’t have anything heavier to try it with, and the Lucrin website doesn’t state a weight limit for the holder.

The Lucrin Smooth Lamb Leather Bag Holder is an attractive, well-made accessory from a maker of luxury leather goods.  The leather medallion will be a beautiful complement to your designer leather bag, and it will work equally well for inexpensive purses or heavier gear bags.  It’s a bit more expensive than other bag hangers of the same style, but that probably is because leathers cost more than enameled designs.


Product Information

Price:prices vary depending on leather; $32.96 as shown.
  • Attractive colors in smooth leather
  • Keeps bag off the dirty floor
  • Nice carrying pouch to protect the holder in your bag
  • More expensive than similar hangers

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