15yr old inventor creates a switch plate that doubles as a message board


The Switch Port is a laser cut dry-erase light switch cover with a marker that attaches to the side magnetically. As you walk out the door, you see your reminders. It is available for 1, 2 or 3 switches and is priced at $10, $11 and $12 respectively, which also covers shipping. The Switch Port is a clever product, but the story behind the product is what captured my interest. When I asked 15 year old Nick Bain to tell me a little about himself and the Switch Port, this is what he said:

I live near downtown Denver, Colorado and came up with the idea a few years ago.  I never knew which switch turned on which light, so I thought it might be convenient to make light switch covers that had labels where you could write which lights the switch turned on.  When I made it, I realized that it was actually really helpful for anything, like if I had to bring a certain book to school, for example.   Everybody who saw it said they wanted one, so I decided to make some more.  I finished making a professional, laser-cut version just this summer and I started manufacturing them a few days ago.  Everyone can have one now.

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