Keep track of your life, literally, with the Tikker wrist watch

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Tick, tock. Time passes so fast that sometimes we forget to live and have fun and instead get caught up in work, grumpy moods, and wasting time doing nothing. In comes the Tikker wrist watch, a Kickstarter project. After filling out a short questionnaire, subtracting your age, and entering it into the watch, you will get an estimate on how long you have left to live. Of course, this is not meant to be 100% accurate. What the Tikker watch is meant to do is remind you to live your life and realize that you have a limit to how long you are on this earth. When you are feeling down, simply look down at the watch and realize you don’t have enough time to be upset, or take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of, since you will not live forever. Make every second count.

The Tikker is an interesting concept that is already fully funded. At $39 you can reserve one of your own watches. The funding period ends Nov 1, 1:21pm EDT, and they are expected to start shipping out in April 2014.

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  2. This is a calculation we did a long time ago:

    1. Assume one will live 90 years (good habits, better health care, etc.) To make the math quick, assume 300 days / year …approximately 27,000 days. To again make the math easier, we rounded it up to 30,000 days.

    So when one reached 30, one has used up 10K days…on the right track? How do we want to spend the next 10K?
    When one reaches 60, used 20K days, about 10K left…how will it be spent?

    There is a Chinese saying which roughly translates as …”An inch of daylight is worth an inch of gold, but it is hard to buy an inch of daylight with an inch of gold.”

    Go here is you want to see the actual calligraphy:

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