Become the master of your domain… err, dishes!

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In my search for retro, mid-century items, I stumbled upon an interesting item for the kitchen that really does qualify as a gadget.  The Dishmaster was developed “in 1948 in the post-war years when the American kitchen was being re-invented”, and it replaced a typical faucet with a gadget that could make washing dishes easier.  The Dishmaster had a faucet, but it had a hydraulically-powered scrubbing brush instead of a sprayer.  It even dispensed dishwashing liquid directly on the plates as you scrubbed.  It made washing dishes faster and easier while minimizing the amount of water and soap needed to do the job.  Dishmaster is still available today. They are available in the original M76 version, as shown, with the water hose above the sink, or in the M76XL with the hose stored below the sink.  There are also two more “modern” versions with taller faucets.  If you have a home with no room for a dishwasher, the Dishmaster might make dishwashing a little easier for you, or it could prove to be a great pre-washer before you load the electric dishwasher.  You can buy replacement brushes, including one designed for scrubbing pots and one for washing vegetables, and you can get repair parts directly from Dishmaster if you are lucky enough to have an original model in your house.  A new M76 is $215.55.

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  2. We had a Dishmaster on our kitchen sink until 2001 when my father sold my childhood home to move in with his new wife. He wanted to install one in her house, but she didn’t want one because she had just remodeled her kitchen. The Dishmaster was great at washing pots and pans and even scrubbed glasses.

  3. This looks like something that could even be used alongside a dishwasher, at least in my case. I scrub a lot of my dishes anyway before putting them into the dishwasher. I use the dishwasher mostly as a rinse machine. I wonder why it is not more popular. This is the first I have heard about it.

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