Coghlan’s All-Weather Wallet keeps your cards and cash dry


My father fished.  Watching him fish wasn’t like watching the beautiful fishing scenes in A River Runs Through It.  My dad was at war with the fish, and he didn’t need any fancy waders to protect himself from the water.  He’d be in up to his chest without any regards for what he had in his pockets, and the contents of his wallet always suffered for it.  If he’d had one of these waterproof All-Weather Wallets from Coghlan’s, he probably wouldn’t have spent so much time having to separate and dry the contents of his wallet.  The plastic wallet is 4.5″ X 6.5″ and has zipper compartments to protect your driver’s license, hunting/fishing permit, other cards, and cash.  It’s available at Amazon for about $5.00, or you can check Coghlan’s site for other retailers.

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