Just washing your hands is no longer enough

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According to WHOOSH! President Jason Greenspan, “Maintaining personal cleanliness doesn’t end with washing our hands anymore. It should also extend to our phones and tablets, as we touch them all day long. We call it Tech Hygiene.”  WHOOSH! is introducing a cleaning product that promises to be safe for your skin and for every touch screen.  It has such a long list of potentially harmful chemicals that it doesn’t include that you’d be almost tempted to believe it’s just water.  However, the proprietary formulation includes biodegradable surfactants for cleaning and a compound that leaves a “nano-thin invisible coating that provides resistance to fingerprints and dirt buildup.”  WHOOSH! cleaning kits with a bottle of the cleaning solution and a 6″ X 6″ microfiber cloth will be available online at the manufacturer’s website beginning in early July; it will be available at retailers later in the fall.  Prices begin at $4.99 for the pocket size.  It will even be available in a 24-oz bottle and a 5-gal bucket for commercial, industrial, or educational use.

7 thoughts on “Just washing your hands is no longer enough”

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  2. I dunno Humans and germs have been waging war with each other for 200,000+ years (~4000 if your a creationist). I’m wondering if we are doing major harm to our immune systems by disinfecting everything under the son.

  3. Janet Cloninger

    @Drew Baker I don’t believe they’re promising disinfection. They are just using reportedly non-toxic surfactants to remove dirt and leaving a layer of protection that they say resists fingerprints and keeps the screen cleaner longer.

  4. hmmm, sounds like dark magic, I will have to see this in person. I would love a fingerprint-less device. 😀

  5. If they’re talking about hygiene, they must mean more than just finger prints. I’m at peace with my germs. Just protect me from yours.

  6. I have always thought, that along with our general phobia of germs, we have done a HUGE disservice to the human race, by forgoing planting our own food, to using processed foods. Now, we never get the NATURAL things in the food that protect us, we have to depend on vitamins, which, unless natural, who knows what is in them. The minute we feel the least little sniffle or ache, we run off to the doctor in hopes they will prescribe a silver bullet to make us well. I still think that a cold or minor flu problem, just let nature run its course, if possible, builds up antibodies to help ward off another bug the next time. In our hurry up, instant lifestyles, we just can’t afford to “be sick”, and I think it’s hurt the human race, in general.

  7. Janet Cloninger

    It’s a screen cleaner. It cleans your screen and prevents fingerprints and dirt build-up. It doesn’t say anything about re-engineering your DNA or creating a supergerm that will decimate the human race… 😉

  8. I met with the guys that developed Whoosh at Infocomm last month. It really does what they say it does. So much so that I ordered a case of it for use at our AV department at the university where I work.

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