The Tab Station is a musician’s tablet’s best friend

Castiv Tab Station

Are you a musician who likes to use your tablet device to record or practice your craft? Do you find it is difficult and inconvenient to do so because you lack a decent work surface where you want to record or practice? The Tab Station from Castiv may be what you are looking for. The Tab Station is a tablet holder designed to be attached to a microphone stand for portability. It has a spring-loaded mechanism that is designed to hold a variety of tablet devices, even if they are in a protective case. The Tab Station makes it an ideal companion not only for musicians but for anyone looking for a hands-free solution to using their tablet device at home or on the road.  If you click on the “Specifications” tab on the Castiv web page you will see that the  Tab Station comes with a microphone adapter and a screw thread converter. It’s $44.99 and is available on the Castiv website.

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