Decrease your energy costs by up to 50% by converting your existing fleet vehicles to hybrids with the EchoDrive system

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Even if environmental factors don’t enter into your equation when purchasing vehicles, the continually rising cost of fuel surely does.  When buying a new vehicle, it’s easy to find a fuel-efficient or even a hybrid or electric vehicle that meets your needs.  But what if you manage a fleet of vehicles?  You can’t just trash all the old, inefficient ones and buy all new hybrids or plug-in electrics.  EchoDrive, developed by Echo Automotive, is a revolutionary platform for converting existing fleet vehicles to hybrid plug-in vehicles to maximize your fuel efficiency.  Best of all, the payback on your investment is 24-36 months. 

Unlike other conversions, the EchoDrive is not a drive-train replacement.  It’s an add-on system that adds energy to the power train.  You’ll add compact, advanced, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries to your vehicle.  These modular battery packs allow you to add just what you need to your specific vehicle to increase fuel efficiency and maximize the return on your investment.  You’ll charge these batteries from the electrical power grid, which provides cleaner, cheaper power than the vehicle’s normal fuel.    The EchoDrive system is integrated into your car’s systems, and it learns how best to feed in the extra power to minimize the use of fossil fuel and increase fuel efficiency by as much as 50%.

In addition to providing the EchoDrive, the team at Echo Automotive provides powerful tools to help you find your most cost effective solution for your fleet.  Personnel at Echo have decades of experience in fields related to vehicle production and fleet operations, and their knowledge is available through their EchoSolutions program.  Their capabilities in the fields of vehicle design, engineering, propulsion, energy storage, and vehicle conversion will guide you through taking the correct actions to transform your current vehicles into a more modern, fuel-efficient, cleaner fleet.  Their consulting services can guide you through a single project or help you manage multi-part projects with multiple teams.  They also have a network of colleagues that can provide additional expertise when needed.

There are a lot of commercial vehicles on the road every day, and these vehicles represent a huge investment for the company that operates them.  I like that the EchoDrive system offers these companies a cost-effective method of changing their fleets to cleaner hybrid vehicles without having to dispose of vehicles with years of use still left in them.  The company benefits from cheaper energy costs, and we all can benefit from the cleaner air. In addition to converting your fleet, you can learn about investing in this forward-thinking company through information Brought to you by the Chuck Hughes Microcap Report.

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3 thoughts on “Decrease your energy costs by up to 50% by converting your existing fleet vehicles to hybrids with the EchoDrive system”

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  2. Another OTC stock being pushed by The Gadgeteer…the last one was rank with “pump and dump,” let’s see about this one…

    So, founded in September 2008. They have existed just over 4 years, and have the ability to retrofit cars to become hybrids? Now, they are pluggable hybrids, I see, and have no energy regeneration capability…so all you’re doing is augmenting the fossil-fueled drivetrain with an ancillary electric one that needs to be charged at a charging station. That makes it easier to implement, so maybe they’ve worked out how to do this on multiple kinds of vehicles in less than 4 years, including total design work and manufacturing buildout. But I doubt it.

    Okay, let’s look at some other details…oh, SEC filings! Hmm…what’s this? In October of 2012…4 months ago…they sold 52,500,000 shares of their stock at a par value of $0.001 per share to a holding company, out of a total of 75,000,000 outstanding shares. That’s ownership, for the princely sum of $52,500. They sold the majority of their company for less than the cost of a single luxury sedan, to a shell corporation. It also bears mentioning that those 52,500,000 shares were issued specifically for the purpose of the sale, as prior to that issue there were only about 26,000,000 shares outstanding. Yes, they diluted the existing shares down to 1/3 of their original value so that they could sell themselves for just over 50 grand.

    I could go into the financial statements as filed at the end of 2012, but is it really necessary? Come on, guys…this is 0 for 2 now, with accepting advertising for shady companies that trade as penny stocks. You’re supposed to be talking about gadgets. The last one was about graphite…at least this is related to a device, although not one that you can exactly make part of your EDC…

  3. Julie,

    Echoing what Rob says, I would encourage you to no longer accept ads or create paid posts from “investment firms” or OTC “penny” stocks. Too often, these are simply astroturfing, shady practices, and pump-and-dump scams.

    These posts dilute and sully The Gadgeteer’s brand of historically good advice, interesting products, and good reads. I certainly want you to make money on your site, but you would do well to vet these better.


    PS: I’ve been reading The Gadgeteer regularly since the late 1990’s and certainly found some great products from your reviews (an early example would be the Rhinoskin Ti Slider case for my Palm V8).

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