Combiform – Combinable magnetic video game controllers

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Playing video games is fun for one player and even more fun when you team up with a virtual friend or one sitting next to you on your couch. Do you think the fun factor can be elevated even more by using special game controllers that connect together to provide live interactions? The minds behind Combiform hope so. They are back with their 2nd Kickstarter project for their magnetic, combinable gaming controllers. Seeking $90,000 in funding, each Combiform controller features a joystick, four programmable buttons, LED lights and rotating handle for different modes of game play. The controller has powerful, rare-earth magnets that allow you to physically combine the controllers during game play. Games can be played using just the controller’s built in games, or they can be connected via Bluetooth to iOS, Android devices, Macs or PCs to be used as a traditional controller. If the project is funded, shipping is set for July of 2013. A pledge of $54 or more will reserve two controllers, two games and access to the SDK library. For $92 or more the contributors will receive four controllers, three games of their choice and access to the SDK library.

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