Ciao! Baby practical portable high chair solution for busy families

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While not an electronic gadget, the Ciao! Baby high chair would have been my favorite piece of equipment when my daughter was a baby.  As any young parent can tell you, baby gear is expensive, but some things you really need because they do make things easier for you.  A high chair was something we used a lot at home, but our big, bulky chair took up a lot of room in our kitchen and was impossible to travel with.  When we went out to eat or to visit families, we had a portable booster seat with a tray that took up a lot of room in the car and wasn’t nearly as stable and safe as our home chair.  A company called Ciao! Baby makes an inexpensive baby chair that would have solved all my problems.

The Ciao! Baby reminds me of some adult-sized outdoor folding chairs we have that collapse down flat for easy storage or transportation and unfold into sturdy, comfortable chairs.  The portable high chair’s metal frame accordions out and locks for stability.  The soft fabric seat has a belt to keep your baby safe, and the vinyl-coated fabric tray is easy to clean.  It’s designed for children up to three years old.  The chair comes with a travel bag, so you can easily take it with you to restaurants, camping, or to visit grandma.  You can even use it at home if you have a cramped kitchen like I did.  You don’t have to worry that your portable booster won’t work with the table or chairs in other places, and you won’t ever have to face another sticky restaurant high chair covered in the last kid’s crumbs.  At only $67.99, it’s cheaper than most high chairs, and certainly cheaper than buying both a home chair and a travel booster chair.  It would be a great baby shower gift for the new parent or a great gift for yourself if you have a baby or young grandchildren who visit.

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  2. It would drive me nut to have a tray that is not solid like that. Imagine putting a plate of food on it. It’s like making a hammock your dining table.

    Plus, to make the tray easy to clean, the thing probably has a shining plastic coating which will likely to stick to the skin, not a pleasant feeling.

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