Panasonic tries to MILC the London Olympics with the DMC-G5

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Still not convinced that a Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera (MILC) can replace your Digitial Single Lens Reflex (DSLR)?  If Panasonic has its way, you will.  While the MILC format has slowly gained ground, it’s still never been considered a “serious” contender for “professional” photographers, so Olympic sponsor Panasonic has given their new DMC-G5 to Getty Images sports photographer Dean Mouhtaropoulos to cover the event.

“There are no second chances when shooting at the Olympics – that split second moment is there to be captured and you need a camera you can rely on. With highly precise, light speed Auto Focus, the G5 ensures you’ll never miss the perfect shot. Additionally, the LUMIX G5’s rapid burst shooting capability – at six Frames per Second (FPS) at full resolution – can capture multiple shots of fast-moving subjects with stunning clarity.

Dean will also carry a selection of LUMIX G Lenses in his kit bag, ranging from 7mm-300mm [1] including the recently launched 12-35mm [2] X lens, suitable for capturing a wide range of scenes thanks to a versatile zoom and F2.8 brightness in the entire zoom range.”

You can see the results here and decide yourself whether the MILC format performs well enough to win Gold !

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