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zenni_IG_800.png (800×2152)Did you know that the first “vision correction” was invented in about 1000 AD?  You’d know that if you’d seen the Emerging Optical Technology graphic from Zenni Optical.  Since then, eyeglasses technology has come a long way – from bifocals in 1784 to contact lenses in the 1960s -70s to Google’s augmented reality glasses of today.  Big things are in the works, too – from contacts that can check your blood sugar to robotic eyeglasses that can give sight to the blind.  Check out the full-sized Emerging Technology Info Graphic while you’re considering your eyeglasses needs of today.

I’m nearsighted as a bat, and my aging eyes also have a need for variable-focus lenses.  My glasses used to be so thick and heavy that I had permanent grooves in the bridge of my nose and behind my ears from wearing chunky plastic frames with thick, heavy lenses.  Thanks to advances in lightweight frames and high-index of refraction lenses, my current glasses are so light and comfortable I’ve actually gone to bed without realizing I forgot to take them off until I realized I could still see!  These advances come at a price, though, and my eyeglasses can cost more than a fancy laptop.

Zenni Optical can help with the sticker shock of new glasses.  They offer a line of stylish frames for men, women, and children that use current technology to make them light and comfortable at amazingly low prices.  They offer single vision, bifocal, and variable focus lenses at similarly low prices.  You can even get tinted lenses or clip-on sunglasses.  They have some single-vision glasses for $6.95.  So, while you’re waiting for those contact lenses that can translate speech into text for you, you might as well have some comfortable and stylish glasses at a reasonable price!

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9 thoughts on “Stylish and Affordable Eyeglasses from Zenni Optical”

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  2. Janet Cloninger

    @Jeff You need to read the post again. Nowhere does it say the Google glasses are made by Zenni. The Google glasses are simply mentioned in a graphic created by Zenni to illustrate the history of vision correction and enhancement.

    Zenni makes regular eyeglasses to correct things like nearsightedness or farsightedness at low prices. Just what it says in the post.

  3. RainyDayInterns

    Jeff…even IF the glasses were made by Google (and they are not), what difference would it have made?

    The point of the article was about the price of the glasses, who cares about the ultimate parent company?

    There are many “boutique” shops in the malls which are actually owned by huge corporations. So what?

  4. I’ve been using Zenni for a year or so and probably bought 5-6 pairs of glasses from them. They are getting much faster in getting them to you — I received a pair today and it took 10 days from order to receipt. They are dead cheap when compared to the mall shops. They all worked fine, but then I get fairly strong plastic frames. Filling out the prescription stuff takes a while, and there’s a number that they want that is usually NOT on the glasses prescription, so you have to ask them to write it down (mine is 63). But, for the money you can’t beat them.

  5. “from bifocals in 1874”

    Bifocals first appeared in the 18th century (1700’s). Ben Franklin is usually credited with “inventing” them, but they may have been around longer and he was just one of many independent inventors of bifocals.

  6. AH! I though you had meant to say 1824 (different typo) — when the TERM bifocal first appeared.

    Funny — when I turned about 40ish and my arms started “growing shorter” I learned A LOT about bifocals. heh.

  7. Janet Cloninger

    @Jhon I actually ignored the bifocal prescription the first year I needed one – just told the optician to ignore that part and make single vision glasses. I finally had to give up and get them, but I get the Varilux with no lines. When I can’t see the bifocals, I can just ignore them! 😉

  8. How do you get the fit right on glasses from Zenni? The assistant at all of the eye doctors I’ve been to before do some molding of the earpieces and occasionally a bridge adjustment depending on how well the glasses fit.

    Not to mention trying them on beforehand.

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