CNET’s New Webshow: Always On

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Our household does not watch much TV at all. So little, a few years ago we cut the cord and gave up Comcast cable TV altogether. We currently stream 90% of the content we watch from the internet. Our family is definitely better off both financially and from a time wasted standpoint. That said, we do kill a bit of time veg’ing in front of a screen of some sort every now and then. The Gadgeteer Kid and I regularly watch CNET TV a couple of nights a week. Our two favorite shows have been The Buzz Report and Apple Byte. Both are informative and humorous video blogs/shows/webcast (whatever they are called these days). Well as the story goes, earlier this year CNET cancelled The Buzz Report and created a new CNET TV effort called Always On with Molly Wood.  Click for more information on this new show.

The Gadgeteer Kid and I were very pleased that we could continue to see Molly do her thing. We find her funny, intelligent, and silly. Compared to The Buzz Report, Always On is a longer, more ambitious show.  It is between 20-30 minutes in length focusing not only on tech-news, but also hands-on looks at the latest devices, scary torture tests (so far Molly has tried to destroy an iPad3 and Samsung Galaxy S III), tech how-tos, etc.  In addition to that, Molly gets to step outside the studio. She has driven solar electric cars and played with swarming flying robots thus far, and who knows what other cool and innovative things she’ll get to play with. Always On is CNET’s biggest and boldest effort yet – much more than just a video blog, but a well polished, true-to-form television show. Overall, I would describe it as part Buzz Report, MythBusters, and (tech-)Discovery with a splash of MacGyver thrown in for good measure. The Gadgeteer Kid and I highly recommend it and wish Molly and the show a good long run.

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  2. Yeah, I like you don’t watch TV anymore, just a waste of time as far as I am concern. I just got Netflix and Amazon Prime (Prime for the shipping) to watch movies on my computer sometimes, but not often enough to justify the expense.
    Very nice to watch something that is relevant to my life! Always on with Molly Wood is that and much more 🙂

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