Bike Frame Handle Makes Carrying Bikes Easier

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Ever had to lug your bicycle up a set of stairs or onto public transport?  Bikes can be an awkward thing to move around.  A new Kickstarter project, the Bike Frame Handle (aka “The Little Lifter”) is a simple yet elegant solution.  Made of leather, the strap wraps around your frame and gives you an easy-to-use handle.

“Designed for urban commuters, this minimalist handle makes carrying your bike actually feel easier and lighter by lowering the center of gravity and using your normal muscle groups for lifting and holding your bicycle, same as lifting a grocery bag or carrying a briefcase. Because it’s easier to lift and hold, you’re in more control of your bicycle, making it safer to hold in crowded settings.”

The project is already more than fully funded, and a $30 pledge will secure you one of these.

2 thoughts on “Bike Frame Handle Makes Carrying Bikes Easier”

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  2. I love stupid simple ideas like this, that are really so simple and stupid, but filled with so much awesome and practicality. Bravo

  3. It’s a good place to add a carrying grip for your bike. Personally, I would make the handle out of a piece of nylon rope. With a rope, there are a lot of colors to choose from. To attach to the frame, I would tie each end of the rope to each tube using a knot that is similar to what fisherman tie a line to a fishhook. With that knot you would achieve a very clean look.

    But, I wouldn’t be able to market that idea as a Kickstarter product and that’s why I have a day job 🙂

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