Volt Buckle -The World’s First and Only Wearable Mobile Device Wall Charger

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I’ve seen lots of chargers that are small enough to slip into a pocket, but this is the first wearable one I’ve seen.  The Volt Buckle is seeking funding as an Indiegogo project.  If they can receive pledges of $60,000 by August 13, they will produce a belt buckle that will also serve as a charging dock for smartphones.  The buckle will pop off the belt to plug into the wall and serve as a dock to hold the phone.  A charging cable will be stored behind the belt, so you’ll have nothing to carry in your pockets.  An early-bird pledge of $50 gets you one aluminum Volt charger and a belt; the pledge will change to $60 after the early bird rewards have been claimed.

16 thoughts on “Volt Buckle -The World’s First and Only Wearable Mobile Device Wall Charger”

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  2. This is officially the most STUPID dumb idea I have ever seen, and I WANT ONE.

    Seriously I looked that the title and immediately though this was dumb. But then I realized how often I could use this. I wear a belt every day. This unit (on website, not the one on The gadgeteer) looks very nice and actually does not look like a wall plug. Honestly I could see myself using this.

    Cyborg here we come.

  3. Its not the first wearable charging device and it’s definitely not the only one.. There is one that was made 3.5 yrs ago…you have made an error. Check your facts!!

  4. Is this water-proof ? What if you are caught in a rain storm ? And when I’m charging my phone, what’s holding up my pants ? Apart from these questions, this looks quite nifty actually ( the geek in me loves the idea ), and it will be even better if they can somehow hide a USB cable in the belt for some quick syncing with a laptop.

    The only problem is that the belt looks too casual, and would look out of place if you are wearing office clothes.

  5. Well you can now use the excuse “I was just charging my phone ” if you get caught with your pants down at work.

    ‘The only problem is that the belt looks too casual, and would look out of place if you are wearing office clothes.’

  6. belt will look bad, charger will be hard to extract… everyime i want to charge my phone my pants will go down… and process will be looking strange from the side…

    i don’t want one.

  7. RainyDayInterns

    So…those of us from NY can finally say…

    “Yeah…I got your charger RIGHT HERE!”

    …with a straight face.

  8. It’s bad enough I have to have one of these in my phone. But I would NEVER put a lithium ion battery on my wrists. After seeing the condition my WATCH looks like in a year.

    Google “lithium ion exploding” Just saying 😀

  9. Julie:

    But it is. You can charge the wearable wrist battery WHILE it is charging your device. What’s cool is that it holds a charge WHILE you are away from the wall.

    Granted, it’s not designed to be a “USB Belt Buckle”… the concept of which kind of creeps me out. Its like a gadget-centric “wearable shot glass” or “hat fan”.

    1. @jhon I don’t think the bracelet has a built in 2 prong plug that you can insert into a wall jack. Instead it is recharged via a USB jack on your laptop or desktop computer.

  10. Thank you all for your comments and feedback. The belt is still functional when the charger is in use! It looks just like a normal belt. And yes, the sync cable is hidden. Head over to our Indiegogo campaign page at http://igg.me/p/120587?a=688991 to see a video of it in action, and answer to the most common questions! Thanks again.

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